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Big South Fork Scenic Railroad Trip Part 2 8/19/2007

by Chris Guenzler.

The Cab Ride back to Stearns.

Engineer Matt Jones.

Running along the access road into Blue Heron.

A look back at our train.

Running along the road.

Curving with rock strata ahead.

Closing in on the grade crossing with that road.

The bridge across Pounch Creek .

The train crossed Pounch Creek.

The train back at the switchback.

Our train was rolling through the switchback. The train stopped and the switch was thrown behind us for our later return to Stearns.

We were once again rolling down new mileage for me!

Another down pouring of rain had the drops bouncing off the roof of the train coaches.

Each curve presented me with new views.

It was still raining hard!

The train ran past this siding with rails along our route.

Rails along our route.

A curve provided a look back at our train.

More views ahead of our train.

Passing another milepost sign.

Another look back.

Our train was entering the remains of Worley Coal Town.

We were still rolling down the extension.

We neared the end of our run down the extension.

The train now has reached the turn back point on the extension. The engine would now push the train back to Stearns.

The Big South Fork could be seen through the trees.

There is interesting rock strata along our route.

The S-1 105 was pushing the train back up the track.

We ran by the passing the siding again then to the switchback. The 105 was still pushing the train up the grade.

The train came to the switchback.

The 105 was still pushing the train up the grade.

We had beautiful views looking back down the grade.

We ran by the School House at the Barthell Coal town.

An interesting view that I found.

The train was now passing through Barthell.

Passing through Barthell.

The Barthell Coal Company Town looked fantastic.

We went through a fantastic rock cut.

Our engine was leaning into a curve.

This trip is known as the "Route of the Painted Rocks".

Our train entered the tunnel.

The train exited the tunnel.

Back through the trees.

Chris Parker was videotaping this unique railroad.

Our train ran back through the rock cut.

Through the trees and up the grade we rolled onward.

More interesting rocks in this cut.

Looking ahead at our train.

I was looking down the hood of an Alco S-1 105.

The Big South Fork Scenic Shop Building.

The train ran by the Log Pond.

Our train curved back into Stearns.

Stearns came into view.

We came out from under the highway bridge.

We have reached the platform and the end of our trip on the Big South Fork Scenic Railroad.

One last pictures of this fantastic train!.