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The moving of the Union Pacific 4014 from the Rail Giant Museum 11/15/2015

by Chris Guenzler

I saw a post on about the start of the move of the Union Pacific 4014 across the parking lot of the LA County Fairgrounds at Pomona and I decided to go get some pictures of this move. I finished my second week of my new job at Heninger Elementary School in Santa Ana and after driving home to change clothes I started the drive to Pomona. We learned last July that Union Pacific had bought back the Union Pacific 4014 from the RailGiants Train Museum and would give them an ex Missouri Pacific SD-40-2 and a caboose as part of the deal.

We did a night photo session with the Union Pacific 4014 at the RaiGiants Train Museum on the night of 8/17/2013.

The Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 has been moved a few track panels away from where we did the night photo session with it on 11/9/2013 when Bill Compton and I stopped by on that day. Heavy traffic on CA 57 took me to get off at Via Verde taking me through Frank G Bonelli Regional Park to the LA County Fairgrounds to bypass accidents and idiot drivers. I parked and walked around the front of the Union Pacific 4014 and waited for some people to move out of my way before I started my picture taking today on a very cloudy and damp afternoon.

The Union Pacific 4014 was moved yesterday from where I had shot it on 11/9/2013 to where it rested here today.

11 pieces of panel track is now being used and once they get off this curve they expect to move a little faster.

Views of the track crew working on panel track. They need three more panels to be put together before the engine will be moved to that end of the track.

They have to get the engine over to the Metrolink tracks at the north end of the parking lot.

The 9th of the 11th piece of panel track is being put into place in these pictures.

The engine was across from the Union Pacific DD40AX 6915 at the RailGiants Train Museum.

You can see the Metrolink train at the north end of the parking lot that is where the Union Pacific 4014 is headed for.

Two more pieces of panel track to be added and put together before the engine with be rolled down to the next end of track.

On the way back to the car I took these pictures. I returned down the CA 57 Freeway home to Santa Ana.