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Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad 8/13/2007

by Chris Guenzler

Following a wild night of 65 mile an hour winds plus waking up to the sounds of pouring rain and thunder, I knew it was going to be an interesting day in my life. Enterprise Rental Car picked me up at the Depot Inn & Suites in a pouring down rain shower and we headed to Kirksville to their offices. There I received a Chevy Cobalt LS for my day of driving. I headed north up US 63 to Ottumwa, Iowa and my first stop. I went inside the Amtrak Station and a sign on the window said the train for Chicago would be here at about 2:43 PM {9:39 AM}.

Behind the station was what I stopped here for the CB&Q Steam Locomotive 3001 on display at Ottumwa, Iowa. I continued north up US 63 until I neared Oskaloosa where I took Iowa Highway 163 west. I stopped in Pella at an Arby's and Walmart. Back on 163 I took that west through two major thunderstorms to near Des Moines where I took US 65 north to Interstate 80 west to Interstate 35 north to US 30 West. I stopped for gas at a Krun & Co in Ames before driving the rest of the way to Boone. I followed the signs that took me to my next train ride.

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

I parked the car and went inside a very crowded Depot to wait my turn to get my ticket for today's trip at 1:30 PM. With a ticket in hand, I went outside to look around.

Our train for today's trip consisted of Engine 1003, Caboose CNW 1136, Coaches BVSR 3207, 3218, Rock Island 2584, BVSR 9101, CNW Transfer Caboose Valley View 12517 and Rock Island Caboose 17051.

BSVR NW-2 1003.

Southern Pacific City of San Francisco SP 9044.

Union Pacific City of Los Angeles.


CNW Caboose 1136.

South Shore Line 106.

The Valley View Open Car.

Rock Island Caboose 2584.

Rear of the excursion train.

The Water Tower.

The busy Union Pacific mainline two blocks away south of the station.

Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad 2-8-0 17 on display.

Fort Dodge & Des Moines 2254.

RS-1 208.

Ex Metra Electric.

Steam Engine JS 8419.

Passengers boarding the train. I boarded the Valley View.

Boone Station Board.

Boone Station Sign.

Passengers in the Valley View. We left Boone on time.

More ex South Shore Line Cars.

The train ran by Division Siding.

Our train was curving out of town.

We went by the Union Pacific S-4 1098.

The train ran by more stored equipment.

Our train went by Kreiger Siding.

The most unique snowplow that I have ever seen, CNW XSC 28300 MWK.

The train ran by Kreiger Greenhouses.

We ran along some of the Iowa cornfields along this route.

The train was now starting down the grade.

Looking back at a cornfield.

The view through the Rock Island Caboose.

The High Bridge Sign over Bass Point Creek.

The High Bridge is 864 feet in length and 154 feet high.

A most impressive bridge.

We now start down the grade to our crossing of the Des Moines River.

The train ran by the Oak Park Sign.

Our train crossed the Des Moines River.

This siding is to the Pumpkin Patch.

Our route is now on the west side of the Des Moines River.

Through the trees the Des Moines River. The train passed some trees with some carvings on them before we crossed a road to reach Fraser Siding our turnback point.

We came to the Fraser Siding Sign. Here the engine will run around our train.

The NW-2 running around our train at Fraser Siding. Once he had coupled up, we headed back for Boone.

The train next crossed the Des Moines River.

Me and my shadow were riding the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad.

Our train crossing the Des Moines River.

The train ran by the YMCA Camp.

You could look through the trees at the Des Moines River far below us.

While the train was on a fill, there is water dammed below us.

Crossing the High Bridge.

The High Bridge Sign again.

The train ran by the Pritcher's Crossing.

The train was passing by the cornfields which Iowa is known for.

More snow plows.

All too soon we were back in Boone.

The train at the Boone Station. What A fantastic trip I had on the Boone & Scenic Railroad. I thanked them for having me and made a phone call to Steve Grande before I visited the gift shop for a T-shirt and post cards. I still had one more thing to take a picture of.

The Water Tower in Boone as I walked towards the object I wanted a picture of.

The Chicago and Northwestern Railway Kate Shelley Museum and Lounge Car. I fired up the air conditioning on my rental car and said goodbye to my conductor of the trip before I started back for La Plata over the same route that brought me here. I stopped for gas in Ottumwa before finishing up the drive to La Plata. I went to the Red Rooster for another Top Sirloin Dinner. Ray and Shivam from stopped by for a visit and they fixed me up to be on line at the hotel as the wireless connection was damaged. I did some laundry then used the Sauna Tub before calling it a night.

8/14/2007 Up early I worked on this story and learned that the Southwest Chief was running over an hour late into La Plata. I went to the store for some trip supplies before I finished up this story. Enterprise picked up my rental car at the Depot Inn as I left the keys at the front counter. Later I was driven down to the Amtrak Station ending another excellent visit to the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, Missouri.