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First Metrolink Train to the New Buena Park Station 9/04/2007

by Chris Guenzler

The 55th Station on the Metrolink System was set to open to the public on September 4th, 2007. Like most of the other first train arriving at new station in Orange County I planned to be there and with my sleeping patterns way off due to our excess heat in Southern California, it was no problem getting up at 3:30 AM to catch the first Metrolink Train 681 now starting at Laguna Niguel at 4:32 AM. I drove down to the Santa Ana Train Station and crossed over the bridge to Track 1 hearing the train horn but managed to get my ticket to Buena Park and had a moment to get the camera out just before the train came into Santa Ana.

Metrolink 9/4/2007

The train pulled in and I got on, walking to the cab car for the ride to Buena Park. One guy just made the train as it was now a few minutes earlier than before. The train stopped at Orange, Anaheim and Fullerton before its four minute sprint to the new Buena Park Station where I got off with cheers from the Orange County Transportation Agency who was there to welcome all passengers.

Buena Park New Station 9/04/2007

The first train ever to use the new Buena Park Metrolink Station and I was the first passenger to ever step off of a train at Buena Park.

The Metrolink Ambassador was talking with the Conductor.

The first train leaving Buena Park on time, I walked over to the OCTA Table picking up a pin and donut. Now let us look around the station.

This station has a bathroom unlike most Metrolink Stations.

The bridge that people use to cross to the eastbound tracks.

There is an area where the buses pull into to meet the trains.

Another platform scenes.

A BNSF westbound came through the Buena Park Station. It was my turn to use the ticket machine there.

The ticketing machine was not accepting credit cards. I then went across the bridge to Track 2. I found a chair to sit in and enjoyed the cool morning air. As I read Trains Magazine another BNSF westbound and a BNSF local came by.

Metrolink 601 arrived into Buena Park at 6:05 AM.

Metrolink 601 arrived into Buena Park at 6:05 AM. At 6:12 AM Metrolink 700 came into Buena Park and I was the first passenger to step onto an eastbound Metrolink Train at Buena Park. It took me back to Fullerton where I detrained and crossed the bridge there to the Santa Fe Cafe and a can of Coca-Cola. I then went back over the bridge to Track 2 to wait for Surfliner 562 to take me back to Santa Ana.

Sunrise at Fullerton on this morning.

I boarded Surfliner 562 for the 10.3 mile trip back to Santa Ana. I detrained at Santa Ana and went straight to work ending another excellent rail adventure.