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Branson Scenic Railroad 4/8/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I drove down from Springfield to Branson and followed the signs to the train.

I pulled into the Branson Scenic Railroad Parking Lot and parked the car there.

The train sits behind the Branson Scenic Station as the active freight line is out in front.

BSRX 98 is a 1951 EMD F9APH formerly B&O then MARC 83 on the north end of the train.

This view is from the south end of the train.

BSRX 99 is a 1962 EMD GP-30M ex C&O.

PPCX 800603 Silver Eagle a 1949 Budd 60 Seat Coach ex Texas & Pacific.

PPCX 800287 Silver Garden a 1952 Budd Dome Lounge Coach ex CB&Q.

BSRX 3118 Silver Lake a 1951 Budd Buffet Lounge formerly the Parlor Car Casimar Pulaski from the Pennsylvania Railroad, then converted to a Buffet-Lounge by Amtrak for use on their Florida Trains.

BSRX 9320 Silver Terrace a 1952 Budd Dome Observation ex CB&Q.

BSRX 98 again.

The Branson Scenic Railroad Station. I walked back across the street to see some other railroad displays.

Frisco SLSF 1156.

An unknown numbered Dining Car.

Missouri Pacific Caboose 13502. I walked back to the station.

The Ticket Window where I picked up my ticket. I then bought a T-shirt and went outside.

Outside the Timetable Board done in chalk like the old days.

You wait behind this chain to board. They called me back inside then gave the 16 passengers taking the 9:00 AM Departure a safety briefing before they took us outside to the chain and inspected everyone's bag. From there we all boarded the train. I took the forward Dome seat in the Silver Garden.

The Dome Seats of the Silver Garden.

At 9:00 AM the train departed Branson heading south. We had to stop to unlock the switch to the mainline, pull forward before locking the switch behind us.

The Bass Pro Building.

The Conductor punches out kids first letter of their first name aka like in the Polar Express Movie.

He did a "C" for Chris for me. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Two views of Lake Taneycomo.

Our train crossing Lake Taneycomo.

Two views of our crossing of Lake Taneycomo.

Our train curved into Hollister.

The 1910 built Missouri Pacific Station in Hollister.

We followed Turkey Creek out of Hollister.

The train took another curve.

Next the rain started which would make photography more difficult.

Through the rain drops the train took another of the curves on this route.

Between the rain drops.

View of the new Branson Airport being built by filling in three valleys to create a flat landing field for 155 Million Dollars of Private Funding.

The Arkansas State Line Sign.

The train entered the Crest Tunnel a 3485 foot bore completed in 1903.

Exiting the Crest Tunnel.

Looking at the Cricket Valley.

Our train taking another curve.

The train passed through Cricket.

The train entered the Cricket Tunnel a 2746 foot bore completed in October 22, 1904.

The train exiting the Cricket Tunnel.

Our train took another curve.

The train headed out onto the Barren Fork Trestle which is 913 feet long and 125 feet high.

Looking east from the Barren Fork Trestle.

The rear of the train on the Barren Fork Trestle.

Our train continued to take the curves all the way to our trun back point at the Walnut Creek Trestle.

Our train pulled out then came to a stop on the Walnut Creek Trestle which is 474 feet long and 113 feet high.

View looking both ways from the Walnut Creek Trestle.

Two forward views from the Walnut Creek Trestle before we started back towards Branson.

Crossing the Barren Fork Trestle on the return trip.

Taking the curves.

The Red Signal before the Cricket Tunnel.

In and out of the Cricket Tunnel.

Passing through Cricket northbound.

Taking another curve.

Old Missouri Pacific signal.

View looking forward.

In and out of the Crest Tunnel.

The Conductor's Public Address Office where he gives route information or plays music during the trip.

Views of the lower level of the Silver Garden.

Inside of the Silver Eagle.

Views of the inside of the Silver Lake.

Views inside of the Silver Terrace.

Our train crew relaxing.

Views along Turkey Creek.

Passing through Hollister.

Our conductor John Moorman making an announcement.

Running along a rock ledge in the rain again.

Crossing Lake Taneycomo and we headed back to the Branson Scenic Railroad Station after we threw a switch and lined us into the station track. I said my goodbyes to my train crew and thanked them for a great trip aboard the Branson Scenic Railroad.

Back in my car I left Branson and headed south on US Highway 63 to Missouri Highway 86 and stopped for gas at a Conoco Station. I took MO. 86 west to State Highway 221 which took me south into Arkansas to Berryville where I took US Highway 62 into Eureka Springs where my next train ride at 2 PM would be.