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A Trip to Hill 582 and Beaumont Pass 1/12/2013

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I decided to go out and take some train pictures on January 12, 2012. He picked me up at my home in Santa Ana and we took the CA 22 to CA 55 to CA 91 to Interstate 215 to Highgrove where we stopped for our first set of pictures.

The grade crossing on Villa Street has a bell ringer on a pole.

The pole with the bell ringer.

Overview of the Villa Street grade crossing. From here we drove into Colton for the wig wag signal there.

The Wig Wag in Colton at 9th and M Streets.

The hardware on this unique grade crossing device. From here we went to the southwest side of Colton Crossing for some views of the grade separations there.

This project will let the Union Pacific train fly up and over the BNSF mainline eliminating the crossing and delays here. From here we went over to Pepper Street for a look at West Colton. From here we went up into Cajon Pass and got up to Hill 582 just before a BNSF eastbound arrived there.

BNSF 7565 East was the first train on a very cold morning.

Displays on Hill 582.

BNSF 7887 East the San Diego to Barstow Manifest was the second train.

Union Pacific 7748 East at Hill 582.

Union Pacific 3957 East at Hill 582.

BNSF westbound helpers came down the grade of the south track.

BNSF 5500 East at Hill 582.

BNSF 7850 East at Hill 582.

BNSF 6687 West at Hill 582.

BNSF 6837 West at Hill 582.

BNSF 7262 West at Hill 582. From here we left Hill 582 and once on the Interstate 15 Freeway we had caught up to our two westbounds but I wanted a picture of one of the trailers on the BNSF 7262 West. We exited at Devore but got down to just east of Verdemont and set up for both trains.

BNSF 6837 West at Verdemont.

BNSF 7262 West at Verdemont.

The Hanson Band Trailer. From here we headed over to San Timoteo Canyon.

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