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Memories of Cajon Pass Part II

by Chris Guenzler

We pick up the action above Blu Cut.

Amtrak's Desert Wind descends Cajon Pass just above Blu Cut in March of 1982.

Santa Fe 2961 West came through Blu Cut in May of 1985.

Santa Fe assisted the UP LAX above Blu Cut on 11/14/1981.

Union Pacific 80 East led the LAD through Blu Cut on a snow covered morning in February 1979.

Union Pacific 6902 led the LAX through Blu Cut on a March of 1979 morning.

Amtrak's Southwest Limited drifts through the upper reaches of Blu Cut right before sunrise on December 31st 1977.

Santa Fe 8070 West drift above Blu Cut. Note the snow on its pilot from its crossing of a white Arizona. March 1982

Southern Pacific 8267 West left the Blu Cut area in December of 1982.

Santa Fe 3415 with a B&O in its consist rounds the Campground Curve in April of 1980.

DRGW 5317 drifts by the former Cajon Campground on 5/31/82.

Santa Fe 5126 West passed through a location once called Cozy Dell in June of 1980.

Santa Fe 3377 West drifts through Cozy Dell in July of 1981.

Union Pacific 3335 East along with CNW 6869, SSW 9291 with UP 3263 and 8016 halfway between Blu Cut and Cajon on April 10th, 1979.

Southern Pacific 8841 East climbs towards Canyon Siding on April 11,1979.

Union Pacific 48 West ran through Cajon with the Coaliner from Utah to Kaiser Steel in Fontana. 4/11/79

Santa Fe 2718 West rolls through Cajon on May 14,1982.

Looking more like Wyoming than California, Union Pacific 8006 East rolls the LAX through the deep snows of Cajon in February of 1978.

After a nice heavy snow, Union Pacific 3378 West heads through Cajon. 2/1979

Union Pacific DD-35 79 leads 85B and 73B through Cajon.

Santa Fe 8057 West had NW 6137 in its consist. Santa Fe leased NW power twice in the late 1970's. 10/79

Santa Fe 3359 West with NW units galore drops into Cajon. 9/1/78

Santa Fe 3301 East meets the one car 8706 West at Cajon. 6/25/1979

Amtrak's Southwest Limited descends west through Cajon. 6/25/1979

Santa Fe 5760 East drops into Cajon in September of 1980.

Union Pacific DD-40AX 6914 drifts downgrade into Cajon. 8/1979

Union Pacific 3237 with CNW GP-50's 5058 and 5058 near Cajon on the South Track. 8/1981

Santa Fe 146 West heads down to Cajon. August of 1993

Santa Fe 132 West nears Cajon on the South Track. 8/1993

Santa Fe 8051 West slowly descends to Cajon. 5/31/1982

Amtrak's Desert Wind descends the South Track towards Cajon in December of 1980.

Union Pacific DD35 led 74B and 94B across Cajon Creek above Cajon in 1977.

Santa Fe 7441 East starts up into Sullivan's Curve in November of 1991.

Due to a Southern Pacific wreck on the Sunset Line, SP trains were detoured over the Santa Fe. Here we see the Southern Pacific 8506 East climbing the North Track in Sullivan's Curve on March 5th, 1982.

Santa Fe 104 East was five FP-45's repainted in Super Fleet Warbonnett paint and ran over the pass on 12/18/1981 for publicity photos for the railroad on the 861 train.

Southern Pacific 7450 East leaves Sullivan's Curve in June of 1985.

Southern Pacific 8935 drops east out of Canyon on a beautiful June 10th, 1979 morning.

Amtrak Desert Wind 36 heads towards Sullivan's Curve in July of 1995.

Santa Fe 3833 East climbs the grade into Sullivan's Curve in May of 1986.

The power of the SSW 9264 West heads into Sullivan's Curve in March of 1978.

SSW 9264 West caboose heads through Sullivan's Curve. 3/1978

Santa Fe 5920 climbs into Sullivan's Curve in March of 1982.

The rear helpers of Santa Fe 5920 East heads through Sullivan's Curve. March 1979.

Union Pacific 3571 East climbs into Sullivan's Curve in March of 1979.

The caboose of the Union Pacific 3571 brings up the rear of the train. 3/1979

Santa Fe SD-24 4532 led its train through the cut into the back of Sullivan's Curve in April of 1974.

Southern Pacific 7491 West heads into Canyon in June of 1985.

Southern Pacific 8906 East descends east through Sullivan's Curve. 2/1980

Southern Pacific 7411 East heads around Sullivan's Curve in June of 1985.

Southern Pacific 8317 West heads into Canyon. 11/1986

Union Pacific 3788 climbed into Sullivan's Curve in November of 1986.

Before the track realignment through Sullivan Curve on May 29, 1976 Santa Fe 8706 East heads out of the curve for points east.

On September 2nd, 1978, I caught the Santa Fe/Norfolk Western consist heading around Sullivan Curve.

Santa Fe 5437 East rounds Sullivan's Curve in July of 1984.

Union Pacific 3631 East rounds Sullivan's Curve in March of 1982.

The Santa Fe painted the GP-50 148 up for the Maersk Shipping Lines and ran it east over Cajon Pass on August 13th, 1990.

Union Pacific 9431 East heads out of Sullivan's Curve in November of 1991.

Santa Fe 7431 East races the Southern Pacific 8323 West around Sullivan's Curve. July 1984

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