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A Brief Look at Cajon Pass in Snow over the years.

by Chris Guenzler

As a young Railfan I would wonder what Cajon Pass would look like with snow?

Santa Fe 8070 West drift above Blu Cut. Note the snow on its pilot from its crossing of a white Arizona in March 1982. For years I would see engines during the Winter with snows on their front ends when they would pass westbound through Cajon Pass. Over the years I would get lucky with snow in Cajon Pass. We will start with a light snow fall and move to heavier trips with Cajon in snow.

March 1978

Steve Fredson, Scott Weber, Jeff Hartmann and I had planned a trip to Cajon Pass. A storm had passed into our area the night before we left and it was really cold when we left Santa Ana.

We arrived at Blu Cut in time to catch this Santa Fe westbound.

Westbound Amtrak 3, the Southwest Limited rolled west early this morning.

SSW 9264 West approached Sullivan's Curve.

The power of the SSW 9264 West heads into Sullivan's Curve approaching Canyon Siding.

The caboose of SSW 9264 West at Sullivan's Curve.

Santa Fe 5920 East climbed into Sullivan's Curve.

The rear helpers of Santa Fe 5920 East rolled through Sullivan's Curve.

Santa Fe 3219 East next came up into Sullivan's Curve.

Once the sun came out the snow quickly melted as the UP 3571 East climbs into Sullivan's Curve.

The caboose of the UP 3571 brings up the rear of the train.

SSW 9376 East rounded Sullivan's Curve.

Later, UP 6940 East came into Sullivan Curve. We spent the rest of the day near Blu Cut shooting more pictures.

February 1978

My brother Bruce and I went up to Cajon Pass before he had to go to work. This would limit our time but any time is always better than no time!

SP 8473 West sat in the siding at Dike.

Looking more like Wyoming than California, Cajon sits under a blanket a deep snow.

UP 8006 East rolled the LAX through Cajon.

The caboose brought up the markers of UP 8006.

Santa Fe 5904 West rolled west through Cajon. We returned to Santa Ana with plenty of time for work.

February 1979

Jeff Hartmann and I went up to Cajon after the heaviest snow in years.

We arrived at Cajon just as a Santa Fe Helper Set was heading back to San Bernardino.

Santa Fe 5046 East climbed through Cajon.

UP 3378 West headed through Cajon.

The UP 3378 mid train helper set.

A caboose brought up the markers of the UP 3378. With the sunlight shifting we decided to move to the grade crossing above Blu Cut.

Santa Fe 4616 East climbed the grade.

Next the UP 80 East passed through along its way onto Yermo.

The train had UP SD-24-B 430B in its consist.

Next, the Amtrak Southwest Limited rolled westbound past our camera.

A short time later the Santa Fe 4623 East ran by us.

He was followed by the Santa Fe 3334 East.

A few minutes later Santa Fe 5177 West rolled by.

Behind him came the UP 6922 West. I will now return you to the present!