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Camp 5 Lumberjack Steam Train Trip 8/07/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I got up at 6:00 AM and after breakfast finished the Wisconsin Great Northern Story. I then got to relax for over an hour, a rare event on any trip I take and watched Sport Center on ESPN plus the Weather Channel. After that I checked out of the Best Western Crandon Inn and drove the thirteen miles to the Camp 5 Lumberjack Steam Train outside of Laona. As I drove into town I saw the steam engine, my heart raced and I turned into their parking lot. I met one of the employees and told him that I was here to write a story about their train and he got a big smile on his face. I then started my pre trip picture taking.

The engine used for the Camp 5 Lumberjack Steam Train is the Laona & Northern Railway 2-6-2 4.

A rear view of this engine.

The engine is kept in this engine house.

Another view of our engine for the trip out to Camp 5. Now let's look at our train for our trip out to Camp 5.

Open Air Car is an ex Soo Line Outside Braced Box Car.

Coach Rat River 301.

Coach Hamilton Roddis 303.

Caboose C-403 Camp 5.

Caboose C-401 Camp 8.

The Camp 5 Ticket Office.

The front of our train going out to Camp 5 with the steam engine pushing.

Trainorder signal out along the tracks.

Another view of the station.

Our steam engine from further away.

The station building at Laona.

Inside the office.

Inside of the waiting room.

The steam engine is now coupled up to the train set.

The front of the steam engine.

The steam engine's builder plate.

I went back inside the ticket office and picked up my ticket for this morning's trip.

A look inside the cab of the steam engine.

The engine will need some coal sometime soon.

I had to walk out by the highway to get a cell signal and on the way to beyond the trees I took this picture. Once along the highway I got three bars and made a phone call.

The sun shined through the clouds to light up the engine in these pictures.

Brad Lebouef with his two sons, 3 year old Owen and 1 year old Isaac who were taking their first train ride ever today on the Camp 5 Lumberjack Steam Train.

Just after 11:00 AM the train began the trip to Camp 5 with our engine pushing our train there.

Our train leaves the station area on a big curve that takes us west towards Camp 5.

Our train headed out into the forest then passed this open area.

Our engine steamed nicely as it pushed our train to Camp 5.

Two views of Scattered Rice Lake.

Looking forward.

More views of Scattered Rice Lake.

The natural forest our train route passes through.

The train took a slightly open curve.

The train crossed the Rat River.

Our train passed the Hobo Camp.

The train takes the wide open curve as we neared Camp 5.

This is where the engine will receive coal on the first return trip of the morning that I will be on.

The train passes some of the buildings that make up Camp 5.

The train arrived into the station at Camp 5.

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