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Cass 40th Railfan Weekend Sunday Final 5/21/2007

by Chris Guenzler

I detrained from the covered open car and headed down to the photo line. They then announced that the Photo Line would be down by the station. Most people left to make that photo line. Some of us stayed put and a few minutes later, they announced the Photo Runbys would go all the way to the water tower so we were fine.

The double headed Log Train backed down beyond the highway to start the first Photo Runby of the day.

The Log Train did Photo Runby 1.

The Log Train did the backup move.

The Log Train did Photo Runby 2. I switched to a different location.

The Log Train did back up move.

The Log Train did Photo Runby 3. Once that was done, the steam engines were separated for what would be known as the "Steam Engine Race".

Heilser 6.

Gentlemen steam your engines!

Race 1.

Race 2.

Race 3. Once that was done I returned to the train to board.

At 9:03 AM we left the Cass Station and passed the Log Train waiting to follow us up the grade. Our train ran by the water tower and the Cass Shop building. It was announced that our next Photo Runby would be at Leatherbark Creek.

Photo Runby 4 was with our passenger train at Leatherbark Creek.

Photo Runby 5 was with our passenger train. Our Passenger Train then went up the grade to clear out of the way of the Log Train that would be coming next.

Photo Runby 6 was with the Log Train.

Photo Runby 7 was with the Log Train. Once the Log Train backed by us, it returned down to the Cass Water Tower to water. Our Passenger Train then picked us up then we backed down to the Cass Water Tower to water our two engines.

Our two engines were being watered at the Cass Water Tower. Once that was done, our train headed back up the grade to the Lower Switchback, reversed direction and the train backed up the grade to the Gum Curve. We all detrained here for our next Photo Runbys.

The train then backed up the grade to be in position for the next Photo Runby.

This is what you call a photo line!

Photo Runby 9 was with the Passenger Train.

Next the Log Train backed up the grade.

Photo Runby 10 was with the Log Train.

The backup move with the Log Train.

Photo Runby 11 was with the Log Train.

The back up move of the Log Train. We all walked up the track to our next Photo Runby location at the Log Road.

The Log Train backed up the grade by us.

The Photo Runby 12 with the Log Train.

The log train did the backup move.

Photo Runby 13 with the Log Train which kept going down the grade to clear out of the way.

After our Passenger Train returned to pick us all up, we headed up the grade to Whittaker for lunch.

The train arrived at the Upper Switchback.

Our train pulled into Whittaker. I detrained to look around Whittaker.

There is a Skidder and Crane at Whittaker..

The Log Train waited at Whittaker at lunch.

The front of our Passenger Train at Whittaker.

Our group was having lunch.

I was riding in Covered Open Car 7 on the train today.

The cabooses.

The backup move with the Log Train before it preformed Photo Runbys at Whittaker.

Photo Runby 14 was with the Log Train at Whittaker.

The backup move with the Log Train.

Photo Runby 15 was with the Log Train.

The Log Train then backed out of Whittaker and started down the grade.

The Passenger Train returned to pick us all up and then we started back down the grade towards Cass.

We backed down the switchbacks.

Hand brakes worked got us back down to Back Mountain Road where we did the final Photo Runbys of the trip. We all detrained from the Passenger Train and it went back up the grade to clear for the Log Train to do the Photo Runbys.

The Log Train did Photo Runby 16.

The Log Train did Photo Runby 17. The Log Train backed to Cass before the Passenger Train came down the grade to pick us all up. Once we were all back onboard, the train returned us to Cass. I said goodbye to all of my new friends in my train car before I detrained ending a fantastic Cass 40th Railfan Weekend.

I drove down Highway 62 back to Highway 92 to US 250 which I took east. I had to drive over five mountain ridges and even had a Black Bear cross the road in front of me. I gassed up before Staunton, Virginia then took the "Loop" around town to Interstate 81. I stopped at a KFC at Woodstock for an early dinner before driving north to Virginia 7 which I took east to US 340. I drove through Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, crossed the Potomac River to Interstate 70. I took it east to Baltimore exiting onto I 695 to US 40 which took me to the Days Inn. I checked in, gassed up the rental car before I settled into my hotel room. I checked e-mail then watched Natural Treasure. I called it a night for an early morning wake up call.

5/21/2007 I woke up at 4:48, showered and watched ESPN Sport Center Bottom Line to learn that the Ducks beat the Red Wings yesterday. I checked out and drove back to BWI Airport to return my rental car. I caught a waiting shuttle to the United Terminal. I used a United Quick Ticket Machine which was easy. The security line at 6:00 AM stretched half a mile but I got through it in fifteen minutes and went to Gate D-13 to wait for my flight. I wrote this morning's tale and did some Sudoku puzzles while I waited to kill time.

United Airlines 305 Coming Home 5/21/2007

We took off at 8:46 EDT as an Acela Express went south heading to Washington, DC as we climbed from Baltimore. After we passed over a cloudy West Virginia, they started the movie "Bridge to Terabithia" followed by "NBC on United". Rush "Snakes and Arrows" got me back to California. The plane landed through the marine layer at 10:30 AM PDT. I was out at the Bus Curb at 10:53 AM and was picked up by the LAX Flyaway Bus at 11:07 AM. Twenty five minutes later I was backed at LAUPT. As I debussed I saw a railroad display and with time decided to go have a look.

General Electric Hybrid Locomotive 2016 with GECX 90 an Engineering Development Laboratory along with Union Pacific C45ACCTE 7625. I walked down the tunnel towards the station and found my train crew for Surfliner 774 heading my way. I returned to Track 12 and boarded Surfliner 774 for home. The train departed LAUPT on time and stopped at Fullerton, Anaheim and then Santa Ana ending another exciting rail adventure this time to the Cass 40th Railfan Weekend, Seneca Caverns and the B&O Railroad Museum.