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Milford to Cooperstown Jct Speeder Rare Mileage Trip 5/18/2010

by Chris Guenzler

After the wonderful Coopersville & Charlotte Valley rare mileage trip a group of us meet beside the engine house and met the crew for a rare mileage speeder trip down to Coopersville Jct.

We divided up into two groups. The first group I was in would ride south to Cooperstown Jct and the second group would drive down to the Cooperstown Jct wye wait and ride back. Randy was in Group 2.

We departed Milford and headed to Cooperstown Jct.

We passed the other engine as we left Milford.

We went through the switch and headed out onto the mainline to Cooperstown Jct.

Looking back as we head down the long straightway from the shop area.

We took the first curve on the railroad.

This crossing had to have the rails dug out.

At each time we stopped to clear branches off the tracks or dig out crossings we were allowed off to stretch our legs.

Three views looking behind as we headed south down the rails.

Bart and our crewman had to dig out this crossing.

The result of their work as we continued on.

One of the curves on this railroad.

Bart opened the gate across the tracks before we passed by it.

Bart closed the gate and we continued on.

The view behind us as we continued onward.

I don't believe these cows knew we were coming.

In fact some of them tried to follow us. This is a low point along our route just before we crossed the Susquehanna River.

The Susquehanna River.

The 1904 Truss Bridge over the Susquehanna River.

Bart and our crewman had to dig out this crossing before we could continue across it.

Greg Molloy, the NRHS President, took these pictures of us before we left this location.

We left that location and continued down the rails towards Coopersville Jct.

They moved this tree off by hand.

This tree they had to cut to clear it off the tracks.

Our route took us under this bridge.

We had reached the switch at the top of the Cooperstown Jct wye. We headed towards the old Delaware Hudson mainline down the northeast leg of the Cooperstown Jct wye.

We reached the former Delaware & Hudson mainline now CP rail and headed along the interchange track to the end of ownership of the Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad.

We reached our end point then reversed to where everyone was waiting for us.

A CP Rail train came by with BNSF power on it. I wished it would have had CP Rail power but you take what you can get. I found Randy and he gave me the car keys.

We all settled up for our ride and then Randy would ride and I would drive back to Milford to wait for him after I shot some pictures at Cooperstown Jct.

PRR GG-1 4934.

Conrail GG-1 4931.


Metro North FL-9 2028.

Metro North FL-9 2010.

Old freight cars including Penn Central.

View of Cooperstown Jct. From here I headed back north but caught the speeder with Randy aboard heading back to Milford

Randy and Dave on the trailer as the Speeder passed me at a grade crossing. I returned to Milford and reboarded the train and finished up the North Creek story as I waited for them to get back. I finished and just as I walked outside here they came back into Milford. After I reunited with Randy we left Milford and drove south on NY 28 which we took south a very short distance to Interstate 88 where it started raining which we took into Binghamton to Interstate 81 to Exit 5 where we had dinner at the Cracker Barrel. Back in the car we got on Interstate 81 then turned west on NY 17. From there we drove west to Sayre, PA to check things out.

Three views of the Lehigh Valley Sayre Station.

Lehigh Valley Caboose 95011. From Sayre we got back on NY 17 which we took to NY 19 to NY 243 which took us to Arcade and our motel the Nellies Arcade Village Motel for the night.