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The drive to Cass and the Friday Night Shop Tour 5/18/2007

by Chris Guenzler

I returned to the rental car and turned up the heat to high to dry my bag, jacket and me. I drove south on US 250 and West Virginia 92 through Beverly and Huttonsville then over a very snowy Cheat Mountain. Three inches of snow in late May? I drove down the grade and came to a set of railroad tracks that the Cheat Mountain Salamander runs on.

Looking both ways down the tracks.

A view of the Shaver Fork of the Cheat River. I pulled off the highway for a few pictures. It was then up and over another ridge to Durbin where I found equipment for the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad.

20 Ton Whitcomb "Little Leroi”.

GE 45 ton side rod center cab.



Open Car.

Durbin Station and engine house for the 55 ton Climax 3.

Caboose 2849.

Wabash Caboose 2794.

Durbin Station.

From here it was an easy thirty minute drive to Cass. I parked in the parking lot before walking to the Cass Shop Building. Outside there was a line of active steam locomotives.

Heisler 6.

Shay 2.

Shay 4.

Shay 3.

A shay needing work from California which came from the Brimstone Railroad.

Diesel 20.

Another Shay 7.

US Army 602.


It was a fantastic line up of steam engines. I next walked into the Cass Shop.

Western Maryland Shay 6.

Shay 5.

The rear of Shay 5.

The rear of Western Maryland Shay 6. I walked through the Car Shop into the Climax Shop.

Machines in the Climax Shop.

Pictures of the Climax Project.

The Climax Tender Truck.

Frame of the Climax Tender.

The lathe. I walked back into the Car Shop.

Passenger Car in the Car Shop. After a dinner of a couple of Hot Dogs I went outside for more of a look around.

There is a waterfall outside the Cass Shop.

View of the Cass Shop.

The Cass Water Tower.

The Cass Water Tower with the former sawmill behind.

The remains of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company Sawmill.

Diesels are stored on the ex C&O line. Diesels came mainly from the South Branch Railway.

The stored diesels. The last one is ex B&O 9010. I walked back down to my car but decided to take a few more pictures of the station.

The rebuilt Cass Station is an adaption of a standard C&O design and is similar to the pre 1923 Depot. The post 1923 building burned in 1975. I walked back to my rental car and drove the nine miles to the Snowshoe Mountain Inn for a two night stay. I called home, wrote today's story, and watched the Weather Channel {Yes the rain was ending!} before calling it a night.

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