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Chelatchie Prairie Photo Freight Part 2 6/30/2007

by Chris Guenzler

The Alco S3 1 was photographed after lunch.

Our train was at rest at the Yacolt Station.

Another view of our fun and unique engine. Soon the rest of our passengers returned to our train and we were off again for more photos of our unique train this afternoon.

Llamas in a field provided a unique diversion for our train.

The Beaver Pond was run by along the route of our train.

A few minutes later we came to the siding at Moulton Falls.

The station at Moulton Falls. There is a station at Moulton Falls. We all detrained here for our next Photo Runbys but I had an idea. If I come all this way I had to see Moulton Falls. Chris Parker followed me down a path through the trees and soon we heard falling water.

I finally got to see Moulton Falls. We made our way back up the path and got ready for the next Photo Runby.

Our train exiting the North Portal of the tunnel.

We did another static shot this time at the North Portal.

The first Photo Runby here.

The next Photo Runby. I relocated to another location on a small hill.

The back up move.

We did the first Photo Runby here.

The train going away.

The next Photo Runby.

Our engine backing up for the next Photo Runby.

Backing down the grade towards the tunnel. My location became the next Photo Runby location for a few other people. They announced there would be another Photo Runby but I decided to ride the train during this Photo Runby. We backed the train through the tunnel before we stopped. We then started forward, through the tunnel and by the Photo Lines. The train stopped to load up our passengers before we backed through the tunnel and along the ledge. Minutes later, we crossed the highway then went across the East Fork of the Lewis River. We proceeded south and it then looked like someone had put tree branches across the rails. Our train broke them as we rolled across them to our next Photo Runby location. Some of us detrained here for pictures.

Backing up for our furthest south Photo Runby of this trip.

The train did the Photo Runby. We all reboarded and our train headed back north to our next Photo Runby location at the Beaver Pond.

We crossed the East Fork of the Lewis River. We returned north up the grade through the tunnel and decided to try a photo runby by the Beaver Pond.

The train did the backup move at the Beaver Pond.

We did the Photo Runby at the Beaver Pond.

More of the Llamas in the fields south of Yacolt. We made our last runbys on this great day across from the Yacolt Cemetery.

The train backed up into position for another static shot.

First we did the static shot.

We were all getting ready to back up for the next Photo Runby.

The train did the next Photo Runby.

The last and final Photo Runby of the day. We reboarded the train and headed back to the Yacolt Station ending a great day of train riding and photography on the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad.

Our train back at the Yacolt Station.

Members of our group were still enjoying taking pictures of our train.

Members of our Train Crew for this great day of train riding and photography.

One last view of this very fun engine. We said our goodbyes and decided to follow our train route back towards Battle Ground.

On Washington Highway 503 we could not pass up this view of Mount St Helens. We returned to Portland and our Days Inn. Later we walked over to Elmers for dinner but they did not have any Prime Rib. I watched the Kennedy Assassination Program on the History Channel before I called it an early night.

Coming Home! 7/1/2007

After a 5:00 AM wakeup call and a "Waterfall Shower", I left the key in the room and walked over to the Max Station to catch a trolley to the Portland Airport.

My trolley pulled into the 82nd Street Station at 5:27 AM. Twelve minutes later I was at the Portland Airport. I got my Alaska Airline Boarding Pass from a Kiosk and then spent the next twenty minutes getting through security. I got to Gate C5 at 6:02 AM and waited for my flight.

Alaska Airlines Flight 408 7/1/2007

I was boarded on this 737-700 aircraft at 6:20 AM and had Seat 16F. We took off from Portland at 6:59 AM and once in the air the Scorpions "Crazy World" was enjoyed during the flight as I took some pictures looking down from this plane .

Crater Lake.

Mount Shasta.

Another view of Mount Shasta.

Mount Lassen.

Lake Almanor.

Portola, California.

Norden on Donner Pass.

I saw my neighborhood as we descended into Orange County. We touched down at 9:10 AM and I was at the gate 15 minutes early. I went down by the baggage carousel and did Sudoku Puzzles until I spotted my mother walking towards me. I met her and drove home ending an excellent quick but memorable trip to the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad and a fantastic Photo Freight put on by Joe Harper. Thank you Joe!