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My Train Trips 2021 through the Present

Listed below are the trips that Chris has taken since 2021 into the future. The newest are on the top and the oldest are found below.

Excursion Train through the years!


Brand New
TTuesday Charter Train on the Durango and Silverton Railroad 10/16/2023

Brand New
Monday Charter Train on the Durango and Silverton 10/15/2023

Brand New
To Durango 10/13-15/2023

Brand New
Our House in Columbia and Area Exploration 10/4-7/2023

Brand New
Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad Trip and the Journey to Columbia 10/01-03/2023

Brand New
Starting Our Move East To Missouri With A Stop at Soldier Summit 9/29-30/2023

Brand New
Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad's Santa Fe 3415 Charter 9/15-16/2023

Brand New
Columbia, Missouri and Kansas Depots 9/11-14/2023

Brand New
KC Stretcar and Missouri Depots 9/10/2023

Brand New
Iowa and Missouri Stations 9/9/2023

Brand New
Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad trip 9/8/2023

2023 National Railway Historical Society Gold Coast Railroad Museum trip 9/6/2023

2023 National Railway Historical Society Banquet 9/5/2023

2023 National Railway Historical Society Henry M. Flagler Museum visit 9/5/2023

2023 National Railway Historical Society US Sugar Trip Clewiston to Lake Placid and return 9/4/2023

2023 National Railway Historical Society Brightline from West Pam Beach to Miami 9/3/2023

Tri-Rail and Miami Metro Trip 9/01-02/2023

The Journey to Florida 8/30-31/2023

Oklahoma to Home Trip 6/25-28/2023

Motor Cars from McAlester, Oklahoma to Red Oak and return 6/24/2023

The trip from South Holland, Illinois to Sallisaw and McAlester, Oklahoma 6/20-23/2023

Wendella Boat Tour 6/19/2023

Pullman National Park 6/19/2023

Nickel Plate Road 765 Tri-State Excursion 6/18/2023

Rides on the Jones & Laughlin Steel Narrow Gauge Railroad at the Steel Heritage Museum 6/17/2023

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Frostburg Flyer diesel trip 6/16/2023

Stations, Meyersdale and Salisbury Viaduct 6/15/2023

Greenbrier Express Cass to Durbin and return 6/14/2023

West Virginia Stations on the way to Cass Scenic Railway 6/12-13/2023

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway and stations to Gallipolis, Ohio 6/11/2023

The Railroad Station Historical Society Convention 6/07-10/2023

The Drive to Toledo with Station Along The Way 6/06/2023

Lake Shore Railway Museum, Steam Engines and Covered Bridges 6/05/2023

The Gettysburg National Military Park 6/04/2023

Steamtown ride and Electric Trolley Museum ride 6/03/2023

The Rockhill Trolley Museum and Over To Scranton 6/02/2023

Copley, Ohio to Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 6/01/2023

The Journey Chesterton, Indiana Missouri to Copley, Ohio featuring the National New York Central Museum 5/31/2023

The Journey From La Plata, Missouri to Chesterton, Indiana 5/30/2023

The Journey From Wichita, Kansas to La Plata, Missouri 5/29/2023

The Journey East As Far As Wichita 5/26-28/2023

Sparks Yard, Two Depots and the trip home 5/20-23/2023

Donner Pass, Summit Tunnel and Truckee Tour 5/19/2023

The Tour of the Western Pacific Railroad Museum and Quincy Railroad 5/18/2023

The Nevada State Railroad Museum and the Virginia and Truckee 5/17/2023

The Trip to Sparks, Nevada 5/15-16/2023

Cass Scenic's 60th Anniversary Rail Heritage Photography Weekend Part 2 and the trip back home 5/07-8/2023

Cass Scenic's 60th Anniversary Rail Heritage Photography Weekend Part 1 5/06/2023

To Cass Scenic Railway and the Shop Tour 5/05/2023

West Virginia Depots, Covered Bridges and a steam engine 5/4/2023

Virginia Museum of Transportation, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Heritage Center and stations 5/03/2023

Maryland and Virginia stations5/02/2023

Princeton Junction and New Jersey Transit River Line 5/01/2023

Electric City Trolley Museum and Stations 4/30/2023

A visit to Steamtown, stations and other surprises 4/29/2023

Peter Lerro Photography Charter East Broad Top Railroad Day 2 4/28/2023

Peter Lerro Photography Charter East Broad Top Railroad Day 1 4/27/2023

Maryland and Pennsylvania Stations 4/25-26/2023

Peter Lerro Southern Pacific 18 Photo Charter Laws Railroad Museum 3/23/2023

The Trip to Laws 3/19-22/2023

Railfan and Railroad Pizza Party and Slide Show and Winterail 2023 3/17-18/2023

The trip to Winterail 2023 featuring Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society 3/16-17/2023

The trip to Winterail 2023 featuring Oregon Coast Railroad Historical Museum 3/12-15/2023

The Drive from Valdosta, Georgia to Greenwood, South Carolina and the Trip Home 1/24-25/2023

Driving Day Clewiston, Florida to Valdosta, Georgia 1/23/2023

U.S. Sugar Clewiston to Fort Pierce Route 1/22/2023

U.S Sugar Clewiston to Sebring Route with Diesels 1/21/2023

U.S. Sugar 148 Steam Charter Clewiston to Okeelanta Route 1/20/2023

Driving From Fort Pierce to Clewiston, Florida 1/17/2023

Orlando's Leu Gardens and the Driving Trip to Fort Pierce, Florida 1/18/2023

Driving Day to Kissimmee, Florida and Riding the TECO Streetcar 1/17/2023

Driving Day to Zephyrhills, Florida 1/16/2023

The Journey From North Charleston to Jacksonville featuring Georgia State Railroad Museum 1/16/2023

A Day of Stations From Salisbury, North Carolina to Magnolia, South Carolina 1/14/2023

Dinner at the Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Shop 1/13/2023

North Carolina Transportation Museum 1/13/2023

To Charlotte and Railroad Passenger Car Alliance Conference at North Carolina Transportation Museum 1/11-12/2023

The Year of 2022

Brand New
Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railway and the trip home via Tehachapi 11/26/2022

The Journey North and the Monterey Branch Sunset Handcar Tour 11/25/2022

A Trip to Ride the New San Bernardino to Redlands Arrow Service 10/24/2022

A Trip to Ride Metro's K Crenshaw Light Rail Line 10/16/2022

The Grand Canyon Railway and to home 10/01/2022

Our drive to Williams Trip 9/30/2022

Cumbres and Toltec Railroad Galloping Goose Westward Trip 9/29/2022

Cumbres and Toltec Railroad Trip Chama to Antonito 9/28/2022

The road to Santa Fe, New Mexico and the New Mexico Railrunner Express 9/27/2022

The road to Dalhart, Texas 9/26/2022

Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Trip to Monett and return 9/25/2022

Arkansas and Missouri Shop Tour and the next day 9/23-24/2022

Fort Smith Trolley Museum 9/23/2022

Arkansas and Missouri Trip to Van Buren and return 9/23/2022

Trip on the Branson Scenic Railroad 9/22/2022

Showboat Branson Belle 9/21/2022

Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railroad Trip 9/21/2022

Railfanning in the Sallisaw Area 9/20/2022

Oklahoma City to Sallisaw 9/19/2022

Amarillo to Oklahoma City 9/18/2022

Sandia Peak Tramway and to trip to Amarillo 9/17/2022

The Two-Day Trip Home to Albuquerque 9/15-16/2022

The Four-Day Trip Home From Alliance, Nebraska 8/25-28/2022

Nebraska Depots steam engine and train 8/24/2022

Missouri Depots and Iowa Depots finishing the Covered Bridges in Iowa 8/23/2022

A Stay at the Depot Inn and Suites 8/22/2022

Monticello Railway Museum featuring Southern Railway 401 8/21/2022

Age of Steam's Ferrequinologist Tour and other items 8/20/2022

Dennison Railroad Museum and stations 8/19/2022

Warthers Carving Museum, Dover, Ohio 8/19/2022

A trip on the Goodtime III and stations 8/18/2022

Cleveland RTA Light Rail 8/17/2022

A Trip on the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad 8/17/2022

A Trip to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum 8/16/2022

The trip to Huntington and beyond 8/15/2022

A ride behind Jeddo Coal 85 on the Lebanon, Monroe and Mason Railroad 8/14/2022

Ohio Railway Museum 8/14/2022

Champaign-Urbana to Marion and Summerail 2022 8/12-13/2022

Topeka to Champaign-Urbana 8/11/2022

Dodge City to Topeka 8/10/2022

Clovis to Dodge City 8/9/2022

The Two Day Trip to Clovis 8/7-8/2022

Niles Canyon Railway East of Sunol 7/10-11/2022

Finishing VTA and the San Jose Trolley Barn 7/9/2022

Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad and Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad Park 7/8/2022

Redwood Valley Railroad and Winchester Mystery House 7/7/2022

A Trip to Lassen National Park 7/4/2022

Western Pacific Railroad Museum 7/3/2022

The Great Western Steamup 7/2/2022

Virginia and Truckee Railroad from Virginia City to Gold Hill and Beyond 7/1/2022

A trip to the Laws Railroad Museum 6/30/2022

Railtown 1897 and the two day trip home 6/12/2022

A trip to the Sacramento Shops 6/11/2022

An Evening at Santa Clara train station 6/10/2022

Home to Santa Clara 6/9-10/2022

Home from Chicago 5/30-6/1/2022

A trip Metra Chicago to Elburn 5/29/2022

A trip to depots in Illinois and a weekend Saturday pass 5/28/2022

A trip to Mendota Railroad Museum with depots in Iowa and Illinois 5/27/2022

A trip to Chicago Great Western Railroad Museum in Oelwein, Iowa and More 5/26/2022

A trip to Chicago Great Western Railroad Museum in Elizabeth, Illinois and More 5/26/2022

A trip to Rochelle Railroad Park 5/25/2022

Metra Trip to Joliet 5/24/2022

Post-NRHS Private Car Trip from Fullerton to Chicago 5/21-23/2022

2022 NRHS Travel Town and Walt Disney Carolwood Barn 5/20/2022

2022 NRHS Convention Nethercutt Museum 5/19/2022

2022 NRHS Convention Knott's Berry Farm Shop Tour 5/19/2022

2022 NRHS Trip to the Southern California Railway Museum 5/18/2022

2022 NRHS Trip to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum 5/17/2022

A Trip to the RailGiants 4/09/2022

Railfan Magazine Pizza Party, Two Days of Winterail and the trip home 3/18-22/2022

Trains Magazine Photo Charter with Santa Maria Valley Railroad 205 3/18/2022

The Driving Trip to Winterail 2022 3/14-17/2022

The Driving Trip to Winterail 2022 3/10-13/2022

Trains Magazine US Sugar 148 Steam Charter Day Two 1/30/2022

Trains Magazine US Sugar 148 Steam Charter Day One 1/29/2022

Pre-US Sugar 148 Charter plus other trains 1/28/2022

Seminole Gulf Murder Mystery Train 1/27/2022

The Florida Railroad Museum 1/27/2022

The Naples Railroad Museum 1/27/2022

The Tram Tour at Everglades National Park 1/26/2022

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum 1/26/2022

The Brightline Miami to West Palm Beach Roundtrip 1/25/2022

The Miami Metrorail Trips 1/25/2022

Tri-Rail Trips in Miami 1/24-25/2022

The Trip to Florida aboard the Southwest Chief, Capitol Limited and Silver Star 1/20-24/2022

The Year of 2021

Railbikes on the Nevada Southern Railway 12/9-10/2021

Magic of Lights at Anaheim Stadium 11/25/2021

San Diego Blue Line Extension Pre-Opening Trip 11/06/2021

Hillcrest Farms' Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad 10/31/2021

Amador Central Railroad History and Geology Trip 10/30/2021

A Tioga Pass Trip To Remember the Late Chris Parker 1956-2021 10/15/2021

Trains Magazine 81st Anniversary Nevada Northern Photo Charter Day 3 and the trip home 10/10-11/2021

Trains Magazine 81st Anniversary Nevada Northern Photo Charter Day 2 10/09/2021

Trains Magazine 81st Anniversary Nevada Northern Photo Charter Day 1 10/08/2021

Pre-Nevada Northern Photo Charter Day 1 10/08/2021

Onward to Ely, Nevada 10/7/2021

Onward to Springville, Utah 10/5-6/2021

Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad Trip 10/04/2021

Cumbres and Toltec Railroad 10/03/2021

Durango and Silverton Fall Colors Galloping Goose 5 to Durango 10/02/2021

Durango and Silverton Fall Colors Trip with Southern Pacific 18 10/01/2021

Two Day Trip to Durango, Colorado 9/29-30/2021

Santa Cruz, Big Trees and Pacific Railway Trip 9/26/2021

Monterey Branch Handcar Tours Plus More 9/25/2021

River Fox Train Railbikes Excursion 9/24/2021

Double T Ranch History Train 9/23/2021

The Three-Day Trip Home from Antonito 9/5-7/2021

Rio Grande Southern 4-6-0 20 Trains Magazine Photo Charter 9/5/2021

An Extra Day in Colorado 9/4/2021

Durango and Silverton Railroad Trains Magazine Extra 493 Photo Charter along with Southern Pacific 18 9/3/2021

Durango and Silverton Railroad Trains Magazine Extra 493 Photo Charter 9/2/2021

The Royal Gorge Route 9/01/2021

Westward to Canon City, Colorado 8/31/2021

Atchison Railroad Museum and onward to Dodge City 8/30/2021

The Trip and stay at the Depot Inn and Suites 8/29/2021

NRHS 2021 Metra Commuter Special Excursion 8/28/2021

NRHS 2021 The Christopher Farm & Gardens 8/27/2021

NRHS 2021 Trip to East Troy Trolley Museum 8/25/2021

NRHS 2021 Trip to the National Railroad Museum and the behind the scenes tour 8/24/2021

Fox River Trolley Museum and onto Milwaukee the next day 8/22/2021

Rochelle Railroad Park and a depot 8/22/2021

Mid-Continent Railway Museum 8/21/2021

Fenelon Place Elevator Company Funicular Railway Dubuque, Iowa 8/20/2021

Sioux City Railroad Museum plus more 8/20/2021

Black Hills Central and on to Sioux Falls 8/19/2021

Powder River Basin, Rawlins to Newcastle 8/18/2021

The Trip aboard the Heber Valley Railroad and on to Rawlins 8/17/2021

The Trip to Evanston and the Evanston Roundhouse 8/16/2021

The Two-Day Trip to Price, Utah 8/14-15/2021

Poway-Midland Railroad and Tom's Farm Railroad 7/31/2021

The Two Day Trip Home from Cortez, Colorado 7/8-9/2021

Ridgway Railway Museum 7/7/2021

Durango and Silverton 10:30 Roundhouse Tour 7/7/2021

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Chama to Osier 7/6/2021

First Anniversary Trip Aboard Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway 10:40 AM Train 7/5/2021

Fort Collins Municipal Railway 7/4/2021

Forney Museum and Colorado Model Railroad Museum 7/3/2021

The Tiny Town Railroad and Village 7/3/2021

Colorado and the Georgetown Loop Railroad 7/2/2021

The Trip to Colorado and a Visit to Bryce Canyon National Park 7/01/2021

Day One of our Colorado Trip 6/30/2021

Our Final Trip on the Fillmore & Western Railway 6/19/2021

The Two Day Trip Home from Cortez, Colorado 5/26-5/27/2021

Durango and Silverton Railroad Trip 5/25/2021

A Second Day in New Mexico 5/24/2021

Our First Day in New Mexico 5/23/2021

A Day in Colorado Featuring the Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad 5/22/2021

A day in Nebraska and Colorado 5/21/2021

A Day in Nebraska Featuring The Rock Island Depot Railroad Museum 5/20/2021

The Drive Across Iowa 5/19/2021

The Celebration Belle 5/18/2021

A Day in Illinois 5/17/2021

On the road to Paducah, Kentucky 5/16/2021

Ohio Rail Experience Cincinnati, Ohio to Greensburg, Indiana 5/15/2021

Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum 5/14/2021

Day 2 in Ohio Featuring Marion 5/13/2021

A First Day in Ohio featuring the Mad River and NKP Museum 5/12/2021

A Second Day in Indiana 5/11/2021

A Day in Indiana 5/10/2021

The Trip East Illinois into Indiana 5/9/2021

Another day in Arkansas and Missouri 5/8/2021

The Trip East towards Ohio and Oklahoma plus more! 5/7/2021

California to Texas 5/5-6/2021

My 1,7000,000.0 Rail Mile 4/30/2021

The Trip home from St. Louis 4/22/2021

Back to St. Louis and a visit to the National Museum of Transportation 4/22/2021

Arkansas Railroad Museum and more Arkansas 4/21/2021

Memphis and then into Arkansas 4/20/2021

A Day in Mississippi 4/19/2021

Florida, Alabama and into Mississippi featuring the Wales West Light Railway 4/18/2021

CaterParrott Railnet's Azalea Sprinter Trip Nashville to Valdosta 4/17/2021

CaterParrott Railnet's Azalea Sprinter Trip Nashville to Willacoochee 4/17/2021

After the Calera Trip 4/16/2021

The Heart of Dixie Museum Calera and Shelby Trip 4/16/2021

Our visit to Alabama 4/15/2021

On to Alabama 4/14/2021

The Trip to St Louis 4/11-14/2021

The Final Runs of Ventura County Railway 2-6-2 2 4/11/2021

The Two Day Trip Home from Sacramento 4/4-4/5/2021

The Sacramento Southern Railroad Trip 4/4/2021

The Rest of the Day After Railtown 1897 4/3/2021

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park 4/3/2021

The Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad 4/2/2021

The Trip to Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad 4/1/2021

The Trip Home From Roaring Camp Railroad 3/14-15/2021

Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad 3/14/2021

Brightside Yard Tour 3/13/2021

Niles Canyon Railway Robert Dollar 2-6-2T 3 Trip 3/13/2021

North To Niles 3/11-12/2021

Nevada Northern Railway Winter Photo Spectacular 2/28/2021

Nevada Northern Railway Winter Photo Spectacular 2/27/2021

Nevada Northern Railway Winter Photo Spectacular 2/26/2021

White Pine Public Museum 2/26/2021

Our Trip to Ely, Nevada 2/25-26/2021

Orange County Rail Trails

Fillmore Western Railway 2/20/2021

San Diego Coaster Motive Power Over the Years 2/8/2021

Two day driving trip to home 2/03-4/2021

Verde Canyon Railroad 2/02/2021

Valley Metro Light Rail 2/01/2021

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park 1/31/2021

Arizona Railway Museum 1/30/2021

Tucson Streetcar plus Depots and more 1/29/2021

A Trip into Arizona 1/28/2021