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My Train Trips 2006 through 2008

Listed below our the trips that Chris has taken 2006 through 2008. The newest are on the top and the oldest are found below.


My Winter Break Trip to the Depot Inn & Suites 12/29/2008 to 1/7/2009

The Santa Barbara Zoo Train 12/7/2008

Metrolink 2008 Holiday Toy Express Train at Tustin 12/6/2008

Tioga Pass over Tehachapi and north on the former Southern Pacific Valley Route 11/14/2008 to 11/15/2008

Coast Starlight Detour down the former Southern Pacific Valley Line 10/25/2008 to 10/26/2008

Iowa Interstate Steam Train for Flood Relief 10/17/2008 to 10/19/2008

Monterey Super Fall Foliage Excursion Train Nashville to Monterey 10/11/2008

A visit to the Tennessee Central Railway Museum 10/9/2008 to 10/10/2008

AAPRCO Excursion to San Diego and on to San Pedro 9/21/2008 to 9/22/2008

The Chase and Riding the Milwaukee Road 261 Circle Trip! 9/12/2008 to 9/15/2008

The 1,100,000.0 Rail Mile Trip 9/7/2008

A ride on the Belton, Grandview and Kansas City Railroad 8/17/2008 to 8/22/2008

A ride on the Midland Railway 8/17/2008

A trip aboard the Appanoose County Community Railroad 8/16/2008

A Big Circle Back to La Plata 8/8/2008 to 8/14/2008

A Trip to the Passenger Train Historical Society Picnic in La Plata 8/4/2008 to 8/7/2008

A Trip to Ride the Upgraded Coast Starlight 7/29/2008 to 8/1/2008

A Trip on the Rio Grande Scenic 7/19/2008 to 7/22/2008

A Trip on the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad 7/18/2008

A Trip on the Durango & Silverton Railroad 7/17/2008

The Royal Gorge Railroad and Royal Gorge Park 7/16/2008

Back to the Depot Inn & Suites plus the Pueblo Railroad Museum 7/11/2008 to 7/16/2008

The Austin Steam Train RSD-15 Trip and Temple Railroad Museum 6/22/2008 to 6/23/2008

The NRHS Quanah Zephyr Trip 6/21/2008

A Tour of the Oklahoma Railway Museum plus a few other things 6/20/2008

NRHS Tour of the BNSF Railroad Network Operation Center 6/19/2008

Fort Worth Miniature Railroad plus getting here 6/19/2008

Santa Fe 3751 San Diego Steam Special 6/1/2008

Talgo Roundtrip to Tacoma and the Flight Home 5/12/2008

Celebrating National Train Day aboard the Coast Starlight to Portland through the Frazier Slide Zone 5/10/2008 to 5/11/2008

Fullerton Railroad Days with the Willamette Valley Parlor Car 5/03/2008

Train Travel Meetup Group rides the Great Dome 4/27/2008

Getting Home from the One Millionth Amtrak Mile 4/10/2008 to 4/13/2008

Museum of Transportation and St. Louis Metrolink Trip 4/8/2008

Reaching my One Millionth Amtrak Mile 4/5/2008 to 4/7/2008

What it took to get the Mileage to Work 3/30/2008

My First Trip on the Sprinter 3/10/2008

Sierra Railroad Railfan Excursion 3/9/2008

Winterail 2008 with a stop at Sassy Classics 3/7/2008 to 3/8/2008

A Trip to Albuquerque and things around there to do! 2/29/2008 to 3/2/2008

A Trip Home from La Plata 2/23/2008 to 2/25/2008

The Grand Opening of the Exhibition of Amtrak History 2/22/2008 to 2/23/2008

An Unexpected Trip to Oakland 2/16/2008 to 2/18/2008

Two Trips to La Junta, Colorado 1/31/2008 to 2/10/2008

Train Travel Meetup Group Trip to Grover Beach 1/21/2008

The Long Trip Home from Memphis via Portland 12/31/2007 to 1/5/2008


My 50th Birthday in Memphis riding Streetcars 12/31/2007

City of New Orleans and Diner 37003 with All Day Dining Menu 12/30/2007 to 12/31/2007

A winter Trip East to Chicago via Seattle 12/26/2007 to 12/30/2007

Home for Christmas aboard the Southwest Chief plus Santa Ana Holiday Display 12/19/2007 to 12/21/2007

A Night at the Kingsley Inn, Fort Madison 12/18/2007 to 12/19/2007

A Trip to the Depot Inn & Suites with new and future things to come in La Plata 12/13/2007 to 12/17/2007

PRS Knott's Berry Farm Steam Shop Tour 12/9/2007

Metrolink 2007 Holiday Toy Express Train at Orange 12/1//2007

A Pacific Sands Private Car Weekend in San Diego 11/17/2007

Train Travel Meetup Group III to San Luis Obispo 11/12/2007

The Burrard's Trip to San Diego 11/11/2007

A Double Headed Steam Trip on the Sierra Railroad 11/4/2007

The Sierra Railroad Golden Sunset Dinner Train 11/3/2007

A Trip Aboard the Tioga Pass to Santa Barbara 10/20/2007

Train Travel Meetup Group Trip to Santa Barbara 10/13/2007

CP 2816 Thief River Falls to Winnipeg 9/17/2007 to 9/18/2007

CP 2816 Shoreham Yard to Thief River Falls 9/16/2007

CP 2816 and Milwaukee Road 261 Double-heading to La Crosse 9/14/2007 to 9/15/2007

CP 2816 Dresser Turn 9/9/2007

CP 2816 Glenwood Turn 9/7/2007 to 9/8/2007

First Metrolink Train to Buena Park 9/4/2007

It will be so good to be home via the Crescent, Capitol Limited and Southwest Chief 8/25/2007 to 8/29/2007

NRHS Summerville Steam Trip 8/25/2007

A visit to the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History 8/24/2007

A Trip on the Stone Mountain Railroad 8/24/2007

A visit and train ride at the Southeastern Railroad Museum 8/24/2007

NRHS Visit to the Tennessee Railroad Museum 8/23/2007

NRHS Trip over the TAG Line 8/23/2007

NRHS Blue Ridge Trip 8/22/2007

NRHS Hiwassee Loop Trip 8/21/2007

A Visit to Ruby Falls 8/20/2007

A Visit to Rock City and Fairlyland Caverns 8/20/2007

A Trip on the Lookout Mountain Railroad 8/20/2007

A stay at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Holiday Inn 8/20/2007

A Trip on the Big South Fork Scenic Railroad 8/19/2007

A Trip at the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum 8/18/2007

Trips on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad 8/17/2007 to 8/18/2007

The North Carolina Transportation Museum and Train Ride 8/16/2007

Onward to Charlotte via the Southwest Chief, Cardinal and Crescent 8/14/2007 to 8/16/2007

A Trip on the Boone and Scenic Valley 8/13/2007

East on the Southwest Chief to La Plata 8/10/2007 to 8/12/2007

Lake Whatcom Railroad and flight home! 8/4/2007 to 8/5/2007

First Revenue Run of the Tacoma Spirit of Washington Dinner Train 8/3/2007

A Trip over Remlinger Farm's Tolt River Railroad 8/3/2007

Flying to SeaTac and the Pacific Northwest Railroad Museum 8/2/2007

Chelatchie Prairie Photo Freight Trip 6/29/2007 to 6/30/2007

Milwaukee Road 261 to Duluth and Dinner Train 6/2/2007 to 6/3/2007

Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train plus finishing the Hiawatha Light Rail Line 6/1/2007

Cass 40th Railfan Weekend 5/18/2007 to 5/21/2007

The Hagerstown Roundhouse and a trip to Seneca Caves 5/16/2007 to 5/17/2007

A Trip to the B&O Railroad Museum plus finishing Baltimore Light Rail 5/15/2007 to 5/16/2007

One Million Rail Miles Achieved, the Complete Story 4/25/2007 to 5/2/2007

A Photo Freight on the Indiana Transportation Museum 4/15/2007

A Trip over the Carthage Knightstown and Shirley Railroad 4/14/2007

A Photo Freight on the Whitewater Valley Railroad 4/14/2007

Tour of the Amtrak Beech Grove Shops 4/13/2007

A Trip over the French Lick and Baden Railroad 4/12/2007

A Trip to the Monticello Railway Museum and a surprise find after 4/12/2007

Keystone service, SEPTA Streetcar Lines and the Cardinal to Indianapolis 4/10/2007 to 4/12/2007

A Stay at the Red Caboose Motel 4/9/2007

A Trip on the Strasburg Railroad, Shop Tour and chase 4/9/2007

A visit to the Pennsylvannia Railroad Museum 4/9/2007

The Trip east to Harrisburg with a stop in Pittsburgh to ride the Monongahela Incline 4/5/2007 to 4/8/2007

Scenes along the Surfline in my quest for a Million Rail miles 1/31/2007 to 7/19/2007

A Trip to Ride the New Mexico Railrunner, Beep! Beep! 3/22/2007 to 3/24/2007

Winterail 2007 Show and Trip 3/9/2007 to 3/11/2007

Stuck in Lamy for hours, a round trip on the Southwest Chief 2/23/2007 to 2/25/2007

My return to the Pacific Parlor Car 2/16/2007 to 2/20/2007

A Trip to the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, Missouri 2/8/2007 to 2/13/2007

Train Travel Meetup Group Trip to ride the entire San Diego Trolley 1/15/2007

The Trip Home from Fort Worth on the Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited plus DART 12/31/2006 to 1/3/2007


A Trip on the Texas State Railroad Palestine to Rusk and return 12/31/2006

Grapevine Vintage Railroad to the Fort Worth stockyards and Trinity River Run 12/30/2006

The Museum of American Railroads in Fair Park in Dallas 12/30/2006

The Trip to Fort Worth aboard the Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle plus TRE and DART 1/27/2006 to 1/29/2006

Another morning Surfliner Ride 12/19/2006

"A Holiday Festival of Trains" at the Richard Nixon Library 12/18/2006

My First Trip to La Plata for Grand Opening 12/7/2006 to 12/11/2006 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash at the Rail Restaurant 12/6/2006

Holiday Season Display at the Santa Ana Train Station 12/03/2006

A short ride on Surfliner Amfleet 573 and Metrolink to Riverside 11/12/2006

A Trip to Tustin to see Metrolink 2006 Holiday Toy Train 11/18/2006

A Trip to Sacramento for the 18th Annual Trainmaster Dinner plus more 11/4/2006 to 11/5/2006

Sand Dunes, Ghost Railroad and the Trip Home 10/29/2006 to 10/31/2006

A Trip on the San Luis Central 10/29/2006

A trip on the San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad 10/28/2006

A trip on the Manitou and Pikes Peak almost to the top 10/27/2006

Pikes Peak Street Railway visit and ride 10/28/2006

Southwest Chief to Trinidad, Pueblo Railway Museum and other surprises 10/25/2006 to 10/27/2006

First train to use the new Santa Ana east platform plus its history 9/28/2006

Southern Pacific 4449 Portland to Bend, Oregon 9/15/2006 to 9/18/2006

My 950,000 Rail Mile in Amtrak's last Great Dome 8/29/2006

A look at both Coaster and Metrolink Services 8/15/2006

The Trip Home from the NRHS 2006 Convention via Altoona 7/23/2006 to 7/26/2006

NRHS 2006 Convention Trip 4: The Buckeye Circle Trip 7/22/2006

NRHS 2006 Convention Trip 4A: The Morgan Run Shop Tour 7/22/2006

A Brief Trip to the Warthers Carving Museum and the NRHS 2006 Convention Banquet 7/21/2009

The Mad River & NKP Museum in Bellevue, Ohio plus the trip there! 7/21/2006

NRHS 2006 Convention Trip 3: The Cincinnati Limited Dennison to Newark 7/20/2006

NRHS 2006 Convention Trip 2A: A Trip at the Minerva Steam Railroad Museum 7/19/2006

NRHS 2006 Convention Trip 2: The Cuyahoga Valley Classic 7/19/2006

NRHS 2006 Convention Trip 1: Dennison to Gould Tunnel plus a Photo Freight 7/18/2006

A Trip to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum 7/17/2006

The Tunnel Inn plus a second trip to the Horseshoe Curve 7/16/2006

A Trip and Tour at the Rockhill Trolley Museum 7/16/2006

A Visit and Trip on the East Broad Top Railroad 7/16/2006

First on the ground experience at the Horseshoe Curve and more! 7/15/2006

A Ride on the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad 7/15/2006

A Ride on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 7/14/2006

Amtraking to Pittsburgh to get to the pre NRHS Convention Trips 7/11/2006 to 7/14/2006

First runs of Sunday Metrolink Orange County Line Service 7/2/2006

Midday Orange County-Inland Empire Train Service plus a side trip to San Diego 6/23/2006

Another trip on the Mount Hood Railroad plus a cab ride return 6/11/2006

Southern Pacific 4449, Spokane Portland and Seattle 700 Ride, Speeders and the Willamette Shore Trolley 6/10/2006

A Train Ride at the Camp 6 Logging Museum 6/9/2006

Steam Charter on Tacoma Rail from Morton to Tacoma 6/8/2006

Steam Photo Charter on the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad 6/7/2006

A trip from Banks to Tillamook on the Port of Tillamook Railroad 6/5/2006 to 6/6/2006

The First Run of Metrolink Train 655 the New Orange County Line Weekend Service 6/03/2006

Train Travel Meetup Group Second Santa Barbara Trip 5/20/2006

Training to Fullerton Railroad Days 2006 5/6/2006

Oakland Circle II and my final steak on Amtrak? 4/29/2006 to 4/30/2006

The Spring 2006 Trip Featuring Simplified Dining on the Southwest Chief, Capitol Limited and Cardinal along with SEPTA, The NJT River Line, PATCO, Princeton JCT, PATH , Hudson Bergen Light Rail Line and the New York Mets vs Atlanta Braves Game 4/13/2006 to 4/22/2006

Surfliners, PRS San Dimas Museum and PRS Yard Tour 4/8/2006

The Feather River Express 4/1/2006 to 4/3/2006

First Train to Piru in Years: Fillmore Railfest 3/18/2006

The Coldest Winterail Ever! 3/10/2006 to 3/12/2006

A New Bridge, a Test and Just a Morning Aboard a Surfliner 2/25/2006

A Train Travel Meetup Group Trip to Santa Barbara 2/20/2006

A Trip to Los Angeles to Hear Michael Dukakis Speak 2/11/2006

A visit to Los Angeles to see Santa Fe 3751 2/7/2006

A trip over the entire San Diego Trolley System 2/4/2006