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My Train Trips 2011 through 2015


Train Travel Meetup Group Oakland Circle Trip 2015 11/7/2015

My Summer Vacation 2015 8/12/2015

The rides at the Hesston Steam Museum and Trip Home 7/26/2015

The Nickel Plate Road 765 Youngstown to Ashtabula Trip 7/25/2015

The Trip Home to the NKP 765 Trip in Ohio 7/21/2015

The Trip Home via the Southwest Chief, California Zephyr, San Joaquin and Pacific Surfliner 7/04/2015

Completing the Amtrak System once more 7/01/2015

The Norfolk Southern Railroad Museum in Norfolk, Virginia 6/30/2015

Riding The Tide Light Rail Line 6/30/2015

Amtraking from Albany to Norfolk via Newport News 6/29/2015

The Shelburne Trolley Museum 6/28/2015

A ride on the Vermonter for the missing miles 6/28/2015

The Connecticut Electric Railway Museum Trip and Visit 6/28/2015

The Railroad of New England Museum Visit 6/28/2015

Finishing up the Metro North Railroad 6/27/2015

The Shoreline Trolley Museum Trip and visit 6/27/2015

The Essex Steam Train Trip and visit 6/27/2015

The Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Visit and Trip 6/27/2015

The CapeFlyer Trip 6/26/2015

A day riding the Boston T Commuter Trains 6/26/2015

The National Streetcar Museum at Lowell Trip 6/25/2015

The Seashore Trolley Museum Trip 6/25/2015

The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum Trip 6/25/2015

The Downeaster Trip Brunswick to Portland 6/25/2015

The Cole Land Museum visit 6/24/2015

The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad visit 6/24/2015

The Boothbay Railway Village Visit 6/24/2015

The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railroad Trip 6/24/2015

The Silver Lake Railroad Trip 6/23/2015

The Conway Scenic Railroad Trip 6/23/2015

The Sandy River and Rangeley Lake Visit and Trip 6/22/2015

The Mt. Washington Cog Railroad Trip 6/22/2015

The Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train 6/21/2015

A Trip on the White Mountain Central Railroad 6/21/2015

Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad Bike Week Service 6/21/2015

The Drive from Rutland, Vermont to Meredith, New Hampshire 6/21/2015

2015 NRHS Convention Trip to Hoosic Junction 6/20/2015

The Trip to the Shelburne Museum and Covered Bridges 6/19/2015

2015 NRHS Convention Trips Rutland to Omya and return 6/19/2015

2015 NRHS Convention Rutland to Burlington Trip 6/18/2015

2015 NRHS Convention Rutland Railroad Museum and Northern Vermont Trip 6/17/2015

2015 NRHS Convention Rutland to Bellow Falls and return 6/16/2015

2015 NRHS Convention Rutland to North Creek and return 6/15/2015

2015 NRHS Convention Rutland Photo Freight and Southern Vermont Trip 6/14/2015

Two different trips on the Catskill Mountain Railroad 6/13/2015

A Trip on the Delaware & Ulster Railroad 6/13/2015

A visit to the Empire State Railway Museum 6/13/2015

Getting to the 2015 NRHS Convention and finishing up New Jersey Transit 6/12/2015

A Trip to new photo location at North Beach San Clemente 5/23/2015

Fullerton Railroad Days 2015 5/2/2015

Big Trees & Pacific Railway & Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Motor Car Trip 4/25/2015

La Plata and home from the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/9/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2015 Final Day 4/8/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2015 Day 3 4/7/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2015 Day 2 4/6/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event Day 1 4/5/2015

A sad trip to La Plata 4/1/2015

The Final Winterail Trip to Stockton 3/12/2015 to 3/15/2015

A Train Travel Meetup Group Trip to ride the San Diego Trolley 2/16/2015

A Train Travel Meetup Group Trip to San Luis Obispo 1/19/2015


A Trip to the Fullerton Train Travel Meetup Group Christmas Party 12/22/2014

A Trip to the new Artic Anaheim train station 12/6/2014

A Trip on the Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad 11/30/2014

A Trip to the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista 11/29/2014

A Trip to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Museum 11/29/2014

My 1,400,000.0 Rail Mile Passed 11/03/2014

A Speeder Trip on the Amador Central Railroad 10/18/2014

A Private Car Acoma Trip to San Diego 10/11/2014

My Summer Vacation to Northern California The Complete Story

A Train Trip to the Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus 7/26/2014

A Tribute to Ray Burns a friend and founder of 7/23/2014

Mooning of Amtrak & Metrolink Trains 7/12/2014

Riding the train to the NASCAR Race at Sears Point 6/22/2014

The Trip Home from the 2014 NRHS Convention 6/14/2014 to 6/15/2014

2014 NRHS Convention Springdale to Monett Trip 6/14/2014

2014 NRHS Convention Fort Smith Railroad History Tour, the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and NRHS Banquet 6/13/2014

2014 NRHS Convention Springdale to Fort Smith Trip 6/12/2014

2014 NRHS Convention Ozark Rail & Water Tour:Silver Dollar City RR, Showboat Branson Belle and Eureka Springs & North Arkansas 6/11/14

2014 NRHS Convention Arkansas & Missouri Springdale to Mountainburg Photo Freight 6/10/14

2014 NRHS Convention Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Bentonville Branch Trip 6/10/14

Going to the 2014 NRHS Convention Day 4 with the Branson Scenic Railroad 6/9/14

Going to the 2014 NRHS Convention Day 3 6/8/14

Going to the 2014 NRHS Convention Day 2 6/7/14

Going to the 2014 NRHS Convention Day 1 6/6/14

National Train Day at LAUPT and Fullerton Railroad Days 5/3/2014

Santa Fe 3751 San Bernardino to Los Angeles 4/13/2014

The Post La Plata Spring 2014 Railfan Event and trip home 4/10/2014 to 4/13/2014

Day 4 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/9/2014

Day 3 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/8/2014

Day 2 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/7/2014

Day 1 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/6/2014

The St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad Trip 4/4/2014 to 4/5/2014

The Attalla Special and the Oneida Flyer Trips 3/29/2014

Winterail 2014 Trip 3/6/2014

A Trip on the Eastern Flyer 2/23/2014

A Trip to the 2014 Stadium Series at Dodger Stadium 1/25/2014


My Birthday Trip to the Trestles at County Line, CA 12/31/2013

The Annual Train Travel Meetup Group Christmas Party Fullerton 12/16/2013

2013 Troop Train and Railfanning San Diego County 12/8/2013

More encounters with Amtrak 42 The Veteran Unit 12/3/2013

Another Railfanning Trip in San Diego County 11/25/2013

My encounter with Amtrak Veteran Unit 42 plus a morning at San Clemente Pier 11/18/2014

Nickel Plate 765 Fort Wayne to Lafayette Trip 10/24/2013 to 10/26/2013

Train Travel Meetup Group trip to Santa Barbara 9/29/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Alaska Railroad 557 Project and The Museum of Alaska Transportation 9/22/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Anchorage to Whittier & Spencer Excursion 9/21/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Palmer Branch and Anchorage Terminal Tour Excursion 9/20/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Anchorage to Seward Excursion 9/19/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Alaska Railroad Shop Tour 9/18/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Alaska Railroad Operations Center and Station Tour 9/18/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Denali Park to Anchorage One Way Excursion 9/17/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Alaska Railroad charter train one-way from Fairbanks to Denali Park 9/16/2013

2013 NRHS Convention North Pole Excursion and Fairbanks to Saulich Excursion Trips 9/15/2013

2013 NRHS Convention Fairbanks Riverboat Discovery Tour, Pioneer Park and Tanana Valley Railroad Museum, Pioneer Park Salmon Bake and Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum 9/14/2013

Union Pacific 4014 and 9000 Night Photo Session at the Rail Giants Museum 8/17/2013

La Plata and the trip home 7/24/2013 to 7/18/2013

To La Plata via West Quincy 7/23/2013

The Drive back to Chicago and the Monon Connection Museum 7/22/2013

Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association 7/21/2013

Steam into History aboard the Northern Central Railroad 7/21/2013

Black River & Western Railroad Caboose Hops Ringoes to Three Bridges 7/20/2013

Iron Heritage Festival Trips Danville, Pennsylvania 7/20/2013

Wilmington & Western Railroad Trip 7/19/2013

The Trip back east to meet Dave Smetko 7/16/2013 to 7/19/2013

A Trip to San Clemente State Beach 7/11/2013

The NASCAR Express 2013 Train Trip and Race 6/23/2013

A Photo Trip to San Diego County 6/14/2013 to 6/15/2013

A Trip to San Diego aboard the Tioga Pass 6/02/2013

The Mendota Union Station, Amboy Depot Museum and Rochelle Railroad Park 5/17/2013 to 5/18/2013

The National New York Central Museum and more! 5/16/2013

The Ohio Railway Museum, Marion Union Station, NW Ohio Railway Preservation Society and AuGlaize Village plus more 5/15/2013

The Ashtabula, Carson and Jefferson Rare Mileage Trip 5/14/2013

The Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Old Dinner Train 5/13/2013

The Southern Michigan Railroad Historical Society Trip 5/13/2013

The Charlotte Southern Trip 5/13/2013

The Coopersville & Marne Railway Trip 5/12/2013

The North Judson Rare Mileage Trip 5/11/2013

The Trip to visit the Hesston Steam Museum 5/11/2013

The Trip to Porter, Indiana 5/11/2013

The Trip to the IN-MI-OH Trips 5/10/2013

Fullerton Railroad Days 2013 5/3/2013

Santa Fe 3751 chase and Ride & San Bernardino Railroad Days 4/27/2013 to 4/28/2013

Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad 3/10/2013

Niles Canyon Railroad Winterail Special Photo Special 3/10/2013

A Sad Trip to Winterail 3/7/2013 to 3/9/2013

A trip see the Los Angeles Kings Game at Staples Center 2/23/2013


A trip to San Clemente to see the first run of the Acoma Private Car 12/29/2012

Metrolink Holiday Toy Express at Irvine 12/15/2012

Train Travel Meetup Group and OCRHS Trip to ride trains in San Diego County 10/27/2012

Port of Long Beach Train Tour 10/20/2012

Metrolink's Carmageddon 2 weekend service Chatsworth to LAUPT 9/30/2012

The Trip to Sacramento to see Union Pacific 844 and the long station walk 9/29/2012

The Trip to the Lomita Railroad Museum plus more 9/16/2012

The Trip on the Detour Trains on the Olive Subdivision 9/8/2012

The Poway-Midland Steam Train 9/2/2012

The Expo Line to Culver City 8/1/2012

Four Gauges of Railroading in One Day Featuring the Descanso, Alpine & Pacific Railway, Poway-Midland Railroad and the Smith Ranch & Julian Railroad and my first derailment 7/21/2012

The Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum in Campo, California

To La Plata, the trip home and my 1,350,000.0 Rail Mile

2012 NRHS Convention Special Train Cedar Rapids to Chicago 6/25/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Special Train Cedar Falls to Manly 6/24/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Special Train Cedar Rapids to Waterloo 6/23/2012

The Friday Drive and 2012 NRHS Convention Banquet 6/22/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Crandic Special Train Cedar Rapids to Iowa City 6/22/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad Special Train 6/21/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Cedar Rapids to Newton Special Train 6/20/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Night Photo Session 6/19/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Cedar Rapids to Rock Island Special Train 6/19/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Midwest Old Threshers: Midwest Central Railroad & Midwest Electric Railway Trip 6/18/2012

2012 NRHS Convention Trip Chicago to Cedar Rapids 6/17/2012

The Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad 6/16/2012

The Rockford Trolley Car 36 6/16/2012

The East Troy Electric Railroad 6/16/2012

The trip back to Chicago for the NRHS Convention 6/13-15/2012

The Orange Empire Railway Museum 5/27/2012

The Westbound Santa Fe 3751 Chase 5/19/2012

The Eastbound Santa Fe 3751 Chase 5/14/2012

My First Trip on the Expo Line 5/12/2012

National Train Day 2012 Los Angeles 5/12/2012

Fullerton Railroad Days 2012 5/5/2012

The Chase of Santa Fe 3751, San Bernardino Railroad Days 2012 and riding Santa Fe 3751 back to LAUPT 4/21-22/2012

La Plata, LTT and the trip home 4/7/2012

The Big Driving Circle 4/6/2012

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day Four The Final Day 4/5/2012

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day Three 4/4/2012

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day Two 4/3/2012

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day One 4/2/2012

The Disney Hometown Museum 4/1/2012

The Day before the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/1/2012

My Second Trip on the Columbia Star Dinner Train 3/31/2012

The Trip to the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 3/29/2012

The Pacific Locomotive Associations' Winterail Photography Special 2012 Trip 3/11/2012

The Winterail 2012 Trip 3/9-10/2012

Train Travel Meetup Group rides the Coast Starlight Detour Trip over the Tehachapi Loop 2/4/2012

A trip on the Silver Splendor Dome Car to San Diego 1/28/2012

A trip to the Needles Subdivision and Kingman Canyon plus the Calico/Odessa Railway and more 1/4/2012


A trip to see the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park 12/18/2011

The 40th Anniversary Amtrak Train and Santa Fe 3751 at Los Angeles 12/11/2011

The 40th Anniversary Amtrak Train in San Diego 12/3/2011

The Metrolink Thanksgiving Friday Weekend Pass Trip 11/25/2011

The Metrolink 2011 Holiday Train Express at Tustin 11/19/2011

The Silver Splendor Luncheon-by-the-Sea Trip 11/12/2011

The Trips I took while unemployed until my new job!

A morning at Buena Park and the Martina McBride Special Train 10/10/2011

Amtrak's Operation Lifesaver Locomotive 457 9/26/2011

A Trip on San Diego PCC Car 529 8/25/2011

Amtrak Heritage 156 and some other things 8/25/2011

Metrolink's New Bicycle Car 8/13/2011

A Trip to Escondido to find a Santa Fe station 8/7/2011

The Drive back to La Plata and the Train Trip Home with Amtrak 184 on the point

Train Festival 2011 Day 4 The Final Day

Train Festival 2011 Day 3 The Celebration Belle Dinner Cruise 7/23/2011

Train Festival 2011 Day 3 The Iowa City Steam Trip

Train Festival 2011 Day 2 The Night Photo Session 7/22/2011

Train Festival 2011 Day 2 The Chase of Nickel Plate Road 765 7/22/2011

Train Festival 2011 Day 1 7/21/2011

The Railfanning Drive to Rock Island

Silver Rail Rail Fest Day 3 7/19/2011

Silver Rail Rail Fest Day 2 7/18/2011

Silver Rail Rail Fest Day 1 7/17/2011

The Columbia Star Dinner Train 7/16/2011

Moberly Historic Railway Museum and Rothwell Park Magic City Line Miniature Train 7/16/2011

To La Plata and the Coal Mine Museum and Northeast Missouri Old Threshers Steam Engine 7/13/2011

My Encounters with Amtrak 66 7/6/2011

The Oregon Electric Railway Museum 6/26/2011

2011 NRHS Convention Southern Pacific 4449 Tacoma to Portland Trip 6/26/2011

2011 NRHS Convention Southern Pacific 4449 Stampede Pass Trip 6/25/2011

The Burnaby Central Railway 6/24/2011

The Fraser Valley Heritage Railway 6/24/2011

Stevens Pass Railfan Trip and Beyond 6/23/2011

2011 NRHS Convention Pacific Northwest Railway Museum 6/22/2011

2011 NRHS Convention Southern Pacific 4449 Portland to Tacoma Trip 6/21/2011

The Northern Pacific Railway Museum 6/19/2011

The Yakima Trolley 6/19/2011

Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum Collection 6/18/2011

The Sumpter Valley Railway 6/18/2011

The Northern California 2011 Explorer 6/3/2011

The Little Rock Express Kansas City to Jefferson City 5/30/2011

First Revenue Metrolink Train to use Track 4 at Fullerton 5/29/2011

The Adirondack Rare Mileage Trips 5/17/2011

National Train Day Los Angeles 2011 5/7/2011

Santa Fe 3751 to and from San Bernardino Railroad Days 4/16/2011

Quiet Zone in Orange, California 4/10/2011

Coast Starlight Detour over Altamont Pass and Tehachapi Loop 4/8/2011

First Metrolink Train To Use Track 1A at Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo Station 4/4/2011

Pacific Railroad Society's 75 Year Excursion Tehachapi and Palmdale Cutoff Trip 4/2/2011

My First Encounter with Amtrak 156 4/1/2011

A visit to Travel Town in Los Angeles 3/26/2011

Fillmore Railfest 2011 3/26/2011

The Winterail 2011 Trip with Union Pacific 7400, the California Merci Car, the History Train and more

First Encounter with Amtrak 145 2/20/2011

First Run of the Pacific Surfliner Express 563 2/15/2011

Railway & Locomotive Society Southern California Fairplex Pomona Railroad Display 2/12/2011

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Chris Guenzler Coffee Mug Collection

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