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More Jawbone Express Passenger Train pictures 5/25/2004

by Chris Guenzler

Ex Milwaukee Road siding at Hanover, MT.

Out of service Spring Creek Trestle.

The BN sign at Spring Creek Junction start of former joint track into Lewistown.

The Charlie Russell Chew Choo Emblem.

The connecting track from the former Great Northern to the former Milwaukee Road.

Judith River.

Detraining for the runby.

Another runby picture.

Danvers, Montana.

Sage Creek Trestle.

Sage Creek.

Big Sky Country.

The Central Montana Rail fleet at Denton, MT.


The rear of our train at Denton.

More of Montana Big Sky Country.

The town of Arrow Creek.

Curving into Surprise Creek Canyon.

Square Butte.

Descending into towards Surprise Creek Canyon loop.

The start of the third Photo Runby of the day in Surprise Creek Canyon.

The end of the Rhoto Runby in Surprise Creek Canyon.

Near the end of Surprise Creek where it joins Arrow Creek.

Curving towards the town of Square Butte then onto Geraldine.


The town of Square Butte.

Looking back at Geraldine from the end of track.