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The Colorado Railroad Museum

by Chris Guenzler

I parked at the Colorado Railroad Museum and went inside to get into the Museum. After that was taken care of I went outside to start taking pictures of this unique railroad museum's equipment.

Right outside the door across from the Richardson Library is this steam train display.

D&RGW C-28 2-8-0 683.

Great Western Railroad Combine 100.

Midland Terminal Railway Observation Car 29.

Route of the Vista Dome Monument that once sat in Glenwood Canyon where the idea of this car was born while riding in the cab through the canyon.

Burlington CB&Q RBBQ 77175.

Two of the Rio Grande F units that once pulled me aboard the Rio Grande Zephyr from Denver to Salt Lake City.

Rio Grande F9A 5771.

Rio Grande F9B 5782.

Standard Oil Casper Refinery 0-4-0 1.

Colorado & Southern C&S Rotary Snow Plow 99201.

Union Pacific 0-6-0 2268.

Denver & Salt Lake Railroad Caboose 10060.

Union Pacific 9149 The Challenger Merchandise Service.

Union Pacific Coach.

Santa Fe Observation Car Navajo.

D&RGW Gondola 878.

D&RGW Gondola 1249.

D&RGW Gondola 1217.

Uintah Railway B-8.

D&RGW 256.

D&RGW Gondola 756.

D&RG 6.

D&RGW Steam Engine Tender.

D&RG Box Car 13860.

D&RGW S-3 271.

D&RGW Gondola 836.

Pendleton Mountain 9.

Silver Plume 3.

Grays Peak 15.

GB&L Open Car 1026.

Water Tower and No Aqua Station.

Colorado & Southern Caboose 1009.

UTLX Tank Car 88125.

Colorado & Southern Stock Car 7064.

D&RGW Stock Car 5717.

D&RGW Stock Car 5714.

D&RGW Water Car 493.

Colorado & Northwestern Box Car 1026.

D&RGW Gondola 06299.

View looking down at the D&RGW 5771.

Looking down on the Midland Terminal Railway Observation Car 29.

A Garden Railroad Display.

A great view of things from the past.

Alpine Tunnel Station.

REX 7646.

Colorado & Southern US Mail Railway Post Office 254.

Coors SW-8 988.

Burlington Observation Car 96.

Manitou & Pikes Peak 1.

A track gang car.

Various Speeders.

D&RGW Caboose 0524.

Rio Grande Southern RGS Section Car 01789.

D&RGW Gondola 883.

D&RGW Flat Car 6532.

D&RGW Gondola 1423

D&RGW Flat Car 6732.

GB&L Flat Car 6215.

D&RGW Refrigerator Car 159

D&RGW Refrigerator Car 161

D&RGW Stock Car 5668.

D&RGW Kitchen Car 04255.

Rockdale Passenger Shelter

From this tent I got my lunch and the gentlemen cooking helped move the Rio Grande F-units into the museum.

Section Building behind the Roundhouse.

GB&L GE 15.

GB&L 140.

Rio Grande Ssouthen RGS Galloping Goose 6.

RGS Gallaping Goose2.

GB&L 30.

GC&SJ 4.

Golden City & San Juan Railroad 3

D&RGWE 50.

D&RGW C-19 Consolidation 346.

West Side lumber Shay 12.

D&RGW Box Car 3765

CB&Q Snow Plow 205065

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