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Terry Ranch to Pueblo 7/10/2016

by Chris Guenzler

I woke up rested and ready to go at the Terry Bison Ranch. I took a great shower, shaved then loaded my stuff into my car.

The herd of buffalo was closer to us this morning.

The windmills on the far side of the Terry Bison Ranch. I got Robin up and soon we checked out of our room and we were headed south down Interstate 25 to CO Highway 52 east. In Hudson we crossed the BNSF mainline and we saw a headlight coming.

BNSF 3003 East at Hudson. We stayed CO Highway 53 east to CO Highway 79 south to Bennet then US 40 east to Strasburg and the Comanche Crossing Museum.

Comanche Crossing Historical Society & Museum Things to See and Do at the Museum

The Museum is situated on 2.5 acres of landscaped grounds. Historic Buildings include the Living Springs School (1891), Homestead House (1910), Wolf Creek School (1904), and the Strasburg Union Pacific Railroad Depot (1917). All are furnished with period artifacts.

Outdoor displays include a UPRR Caboose, antique wooden windmill, operational wigwag RRXING signal, and antique farm equipment.

Three additional buildings house a wide variety of artifacts, from Strasburg's first fire truck (1917 Ford), original Post Office, Bank and Soda Fountain to tools, house wares, clothing, military equipment, sewing machines and a Blacksmith Shop. The Museum's Collection consists of over 8,000 individual items.

Strasburg, Colorado is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the site where the Kansas Pacific Railroad finished laying the tracks that formed the first continuous chain of rails from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast.

For further information or special tours contact: Curator, Comanche Crossing Museum, P.O. Box 647 Strasburg, Colorado 80136.

Comanche Crossing Historical Museum scene.

Grade crossing highway warning signal.

Union Pacific bay window caboose 24522.

Union Pacific Starsburg station.

The display board about the completion of the Kansas Pacific Railroad in Strasburg. From here we will see other railroad related items in Strasburg.

A baggage-railway post office combine.

Another passenger car.

Two more passenger cars.

Great Western Sugar Company 0-4-0T 6.

Pacific Fruit Express NW-2 1048.

My last picture in Strasburg. We took Interstate 70 towards Limon but had to pull off for a train.

Union Pacific 8505 West on the old Kansas Pacific mainline east of Byers. From here we went east to Limon where we gassed up before we headed to the railroad museum there.

Limon Heritage Museum & Railroad Park Complex

The Limon Heritage Railroad Park & Museum Complex is a facility firmly grounded in its pioneer roots with varied adventures waiting for the visitor, whether your interests are railroads; famous area ranches, cowboys and western saddles; Native American artifacts; growing wheat; award-winning photos of the short grass prairie and vintage photos celebrating 100 years of small town growth and change; or ever changing exhibits such as our new Dust Bowl and Changes in Communication collections. Our park houses eight windmills; a distinctive 11-foot bronze "Prairie Odyssey" sculpture by cowboy artist Herb Mignery and lovely memorial gardens; and a Pioneer Monument with 1892 Cattle Scale dedicated to area ranchers.

The Museum is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day from 1pm - 8pm Monday-Saturday and on Sunday's from 1pm - 4pm. Admission is free but donations are appreciated.

Milwaukee Road brachline combine 2758.

Union Pacific caboose 25670.

The blue passenger car.

The crossing stop sign gate.

Where the Rocky Mountain Rocket section ran to Colorado Springs.

Limon Union station used by the Rock Island and Union Pacific railroads.

A semaphore signal.

A lineside block signal.

Grade crossing warning signal.

Union Pacific caboose 25670.

Milwaukee Road 660.

Milwaukee Road 665 .

Rock Island wedge snow plow 95580.

Display train.

Limon Kyle yard scene.

Two Limon scenes. From here we went east on US 287 to Hugo.

The sign at the Hugo Union Pacific Roundhouse restoration.

The Union Pacific Hugo Roundhouse built in 1909.

USA caboose which is really a CB&Q cabose 135--. ..

Pacific Fruit Express Mechanical Refrigerator car 300944.

Union Pacific flat car 909231.

A Hugo Colorado scene. Next we drove to the restored station in town.

Union Pacific Hugo station.

Highway crossing warning signals.

Baggage wagon. We next drove to Kit Carson.

Kit Carson Union Pacific station.

Union Pacific caboose 25400.

Kit Carson plaque.

Railroad buildings and speeder.

A Kit Carson scene. Next we headed to Lamar but made one stop along the way.

In Eads, Colorado, the Colorado Eagle once ran on these former Missouri Pacific tracks. We drove to Lamar where it was 103 degrees outside.

Santa Fe 2-6-0 1819.

Lamar Santa Fe station.

Wind turbine blade in Lamar. I took Robin to the Walmart then we washed the car at the most automatic self service car wash. I would use one of these anytime I needed my car washed. Then we drove to Las Animas.

Las Animas Santa Fe station where it was 105 degrees. We then drove to La Junta but had to stop for pictures.

We saw a headlight and pulled off the highway at MP 546 which is east of La Junta on the former Santa Fe line now operated by BNSF.

BNSF 5762 East with DPUs on the rear end at MP 546. From here we drove into La Junta where it was 107 degrees.

La Junta Santa Fe station.

Santa Fe caboose 999602. We the drove to Carl's Junior for an early dinner. We drove to the steam engine.

Santa Fe 2-6-2 1024.

A Santa fe semaphore signal. I spotted some box cars where there should not be. We went to investigate.

There is another railroad display in La Junta.

USA switcher 7575.

One last view at the surprise of the day. Next we drove out to Delhi.

Santa Fe wig wag crossing signal the last one in Colorado at Delhi.

The closer view of the Santa Fe wig wag signal. Next we drove into Rocky Ford.

BNSF 6268 East at Rocky Ford. We would take pictures of the remaining Santa Fe stations on the way to Pueblo.

The Santa Fe Rocky Ford station.


The Santa Fe Manzanola station.

The Santa Fe Fowler station.

The Santa Fe Boone station.

CSX 4763 at Avondale.

The sun is this off red from the smoke of the fires in the Colorado Mountains.

BNSF 8796 East was at East Pueblo under smokey skies.

The smoke is from two fires. The one here is from the Hayden Pass fire caused by lightning and the rest of the smoke is from the Nederlander fire that at this point cause is unknown. We drove to the Ramada Inn and checked in for the night.