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Autumn Harvest Celebration Jackson Country Connection "The World's First Steam Engine Corn Maze" 9/04/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I woke up at the Depot Inn & Suites and after getting breakfast to go, I got the golf cart and drove out to the lookout point on a rather foggy damp morning.

One can see birds from the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point such as this one.

The first two trains of the morning were these BNSF eastbounds.

Next a Union Pacific westbound train came through the fog. I updated yesterday's story adding that the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point now has an ATCS Screen installed inside. It is motion sensed activated so if the screen is off when you arrive just move towards it and wave your hands and it will come up.

As I was updating the story, this westbound BNSF train snuck up on me so I only got a going away shot. My Verizon Cell phone hasn't worked at either the hotel or lookout point. Steve will be having a repeater system installed at both locations to fix this problem in the near future.

The Southwest Chief arrived into La Plata early again and needing to talk to Steve I high tailed it back to the Depot Inn & Suites and met Tom Marshall when I got there. We talked for a few minutes and I told him about me going to Mount Pleasant, Iowa tomorrow to see the 60th annual Midwest Old Threshers Reunion. He said he went there a few years ago and it will be worth my time to visit. I then found Steve and we discussed what we needed to do before he headed back to Kansas City and flying home tomorrow. Marie and I called Bob and Andy about my visit to their property before we called Enterprise who had no cars available for tomorrow. Maria called Bob Cox and asked if he could do the pick ups in the morning so I could use the van. He said yes, and I was now set to drive to Mount Pleasant tomorrow morning. I now left and drove the three miles north on US 63 to Route E which I took east to the first dirt road known as Nature Lane and took it until I reached this spot, the driveway of the location where I was coming to.

All aerial photos in this story by Bob Cox

My walk through "The World's First Steam Engine Corn Maze"

The entrance to the property where the Steam Engine Corn Maze is located.

You drive down this road to reach the Steam Engine Corn Maze.

On the way there you drive past this nice creature. I pulled in and Andy Jackson came out to meet me and I parked the van. We walked over to where Andy's husband was meeting with the Adair County Sheriff about the events that were taking place in the near future here. Once that was done, I was about to start my walk through the corn field maze when I realize I didn't have my camera. I drove quickly back to the Depot Inn & Suites, got the camera and drove back. I got there and Andy gave me a map to follow and cell phone numbers in case I would get lost in the Steam Engine Corn Maze. I told them I had a degree in geography and I would see them in a while.

This is the entrance to the Steam Engine Corn Maze.

Andy took this picture of me going in.

The view looking out before I headed in. Would I get lost in the maze?

This is the bottom of the first musical note I would pass through during my trek through the steam engine maze.

Views during my walk through the steam engine corn maze.

The Northbound Sign. Each sign has a question about agriculture on the front and you flip the question over to get the answer. I did surprisingly well answering most of the questions right. Not bad for a city boy!

The first "W" in the first of the two "Woos".

On the way to the next Woo.

The Engine Tender Sign.

The "W" in the second Woo.

The Box Car Sign.

The Westbound Sign.

The Observation Car Sign.

The Southbound Sign.

I continued through the Steam Engine Maze.

The Dome Car Sign.

The Flat Car Sign.

The Caboose Sign.

I have found the way out.


This is really how I felt exiting the Steam Engine Corn Maze.

The exit out of the Steam Engine Corn Maze. I thanked Bob and Andy for having me and letting me go through the steam engine corn maze before it officially opens next weekend. I then drove away with an incredible feeling I had accomplished something today.

I decided to head to Kirksville but decided to stop in Millard on the way there.

Over the years of driving by Millard I had seen these ex Wabash Railroad grade crossing protection features. Today I finally stopped and got pictures of them. From here I stopped at Walmart and at KFC in Kirksville to get lunch to take back and did they screw up my order. The A&W Root Beer though was very good. I returned and spent the rest of the day working on this story. After that it to the Red Rooster for dinner then back to the room to relax the rest of the evening.

I went back out to the lookout point for one BNSF train and high tailed back before a thunderstorm came in from the east. I called it a night early as I need to get up to Mount Pleasant early tomorrow morning.