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Cripple Creek& Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad Story 7/12/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I drove into Cripple Creek from Leadville and remembered the train was on the east end of town. I parked in their parking lot and went inside to get my ticket for the 3:20 PM Trip. The sky then let loose and rain poured down while thunder clasped loudly across the sky. This limited my picture taking as I wanted to stay dry but I started anyway.

Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad 6 which is out of service.

One of the Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad trains returned to Cripple Creek during the down pour.

Rain rain go away.

On the water tower is a list of locomotives that the Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad uses.

The Bull Hill Station was built at Anaconda in 1894 by the Midland Terminal Railroad. It was relocated to Bull Hill in 1912 east of Victor. The depot was moved to Cripple Creek in 1968.

The train sat in the rain. The crew invited me onto the train to wait for my 3:20 PM Train. The train was cancelled but they gave me a ride out to the wye to switch the switches and then we would back into the station.

The Midland Terminal Railroad Station in Cripple Creek.

A view of my crew at work on Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad 2.

The old Mildand Terminal Railroad wye at Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek.

A mine shaft in town.

While we were at the wye the rain let up and that made me very happy.

The train returned to the station but came in on the siding.

A mine locomotive in the yard at Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad 2.

Our train sits now in the siding as weather conditions improved.

The front of Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad 2.

The Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad station in Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad water tower.

Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad 3.

Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad 6.

Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad runs two trains at a time and here is the one that was out during the rain storm.

The train backed into the station.

The smell of steam was out in the fresh air.

That mine engine again. Since my train wouldn't be until 4:20 PM I had plenty of time to look again.

Two trains looked great after the rainstorm.

Across the street was this passenger car.

The Cripple Creek Station.

There are two railroad cars north of the station.

The restrooms are in this Colorado & Southern Box Car 99551.

D&RGW Caboose 0952 has some other use.

The look of active steam engines.

The inside of the cab of Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad 2.

More views of the Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad steam engines.

Midland Terminal Car 21 is the Cripple Creek Visitor Center.

The Midland Terminal Railroad Terminal. The Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad operates over the old Midland Terminal grade east of Cripple Creek but on two foot gauge track. I went back to a bench by the station and waited for the train to board.

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