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Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad Story 7/12/2009 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

Through the trees I could see miners test holes they dug looking for gold.

Passing between the trees.

The curve in a cut.

Echo Valley where we stopped and the engineer blew the whistle so we could hear it echo off the valley walls.

Through another rock cut.

The El Paso Mine.

Looking down Echo Valley.

A mine down in the valley.

Our train passed through more curves.

The mining district of Anaconda came into view through the trees.

Looking back.

A curve through the trees.

A curve through a cut with a tree standing by.

The train has reached Anaconda where they is a wye. The train stopped and our engineer gave a rundown of all the mining and history of this area.

The lone building that remains from Anaconda after the fire that wiped out the rest of town.

Mines across the valley.

The speeder went all the way to near the end of track to clear out of our way.

The top of the ridge is the modern Cripple Creek and Victor Mining Company that produces large amounts of gold.

This is a shoot to get water out of the mines.

More mines.

The speeder waiting for us to leave.

Such a great view of Anaconda. The train then started trip back to Cripple Creek backing up the whole way.

The two foot gauge tracks on a standard gauge road bed.

This tunnel was a vain of gold that they completely exacted.

A mine behind the Aspen Trees.

Looking down the tracks.

The mines on the hill.

Close up of the mines near Poverty Gulch.

Our train rounds a curve.

Scenes around Cripple Creek.

Coming through a cut.

Scenes of the old Midland Terminal wye and views up behind it.

Cripple Creek.

A shaft mine with equipment.

The train backed the rest of way to the the yard at Cripple Creek.

The train returned to Cripple Creek where Bob one of our rare mileage riders was waiting for the next train. Adter a quick visit, I headed back to Colorado Springs but made a pair of stops along the way.

The old Midland Terminal Railroad Tunnel that I was once driven through as a kid in our camper when we visited Cripple Creek way back then.

The old Midland Terminal Railroad Station in Divide. I drove back to Colorado Springs and got dinner ay Arby's before I returned to the Motel 6 for the night.