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Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad 7/18/2008

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker, Bob Riskie and I met at the rental car at 7:15 AM and drove down to Antonito. We parked in the parking lot for the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad and went into the station to pick up our tickets. Once again we were all ticketed in the same car. It was time to look around.

We saw the engine going to Chama today dumping its ash in the ash pit as it prepares for its journey today.

The Antonito Tank and other buildings.

A display train at the driveway to enter the property.

I looked into the Antonito Engine House.

At the east end of the complex, another steam engine on static display.

The Antonito Station.

We boarded this bus for the 8:30 AM Departure to Chama. The ride is very beautiful and we see the railroad from Los Pinos down to Chama so it kind of a preview of coming attractions today.

The remains of the covered snowshed on the tail track of the Cumbres Wye.

The Cumbres Station as seen from the highway. The bus took us the remaining miles down the grade to Chama, where we had time to look around.

The Chama Station.

The Colorado Express is waiting for its 10 AM departure time.

The power for our train is K-36 2-8-2 488 pulling Coach 520 Cumbres, Coach 513 Conejos, Concession 512 Osier, Coach 517 Chama, Coach 521 Santa Fe, Open Car DRG&W 9615 and Parlor Car Joseph C. "Joe Vigal". I was ticketed in the Santa Fe but would ride out in the open car for the entire trip to take pictures. Now lets look around the yard.

Chama Engine House and Car Shop.

Chama Engine House.

View inside the Chama Engine House.

DRG&W Refrigerator Car.

Private Car.

There was another reefer in the yard.

The Chama Water Tower.

The Chama Coaling Tower.

Our engineer waiting on departure time.

Rotary Snowplow OM.

Rotary Snowplow OY.

I then boarded the train and took this picture of the front of the Chama Station minutes before we left. Right at 10 AM the train whistled off and we were on our way to Osier, the first part of the trip to Antonio.

The train is on the move.

The train was approaching the Chama Water Tower.

A look back at the Chama Coaling Tower.

The train took the first curve out of Chama.

The train was coming up to the Chama River Bridge.

Our train crossed the Chama River.

The train has passed the Jukes Tree.

The train crossed Highway 17 where many photographers were out waiting for us to arrive. They will follow the train all the way to Los Pinos where highway access to the tracks end.

The train was rolling across the upper reaches of the Chama Valley.

The train snakes its way through "The Narrows".

The photographers were out in force today.

The train takes a curve as it nears Weed City.

Our train takes the curves into Weed City.

Fans of Indiana Jones should remember this water stand that the young one swung off the train in "Indiana Jones and the Final Crusade".

The train crossed the Lobato Trestle.

The train took the curves above the Lobato Trestle.

A look back down at the Lobato Trestle.

A look back down the mountain towards Chama.

Our train was climbing the steep grade near Lobo Lodge.

Another look back down the grade.

Our train went by Milepost 338.

The train was approaching the Highway 17 crossing.

More photographers as we crossed Highway 17.

View looking south down the grade.

Views near MP 337.

A look back down the grade.

Near MP 336.

The train came to Cresco Siding.

The train went by the Cresco Water Tower.

Our train ran through the forest of Aspens and other trees.

The inside of the Parlor Car Joseph C. "Joe Vigal".

Looking back down the grade towards Chama.

Our engine keeps climbing the steady 4% grade.

Windy Point comes into view for the first time on the trip. In a few minutes we will travel right at the base of Windy Point.

There are many interesting rocks above our route.

I love mountain railroading and the views it gives you!

Look at our engine steaming up that 4% grade.

The train working hard the final miles to Cumbres Pass.

The train was heading to Windy Point.

The train climbs to Windy Point.

Looking west near Windy Point.

The rock of Windy Point.

The train came to the Cumbres Pass Yard Limit Sign.

Great views are yours at Windy Point.

Looking from Windy Point down to Coxo.

Weird shaped rocks abound around Cumbres Pass.

Looking back down to Coxo.

Our train curves into Cumbres Pass Station.

Our train arrived at the Cumbres Pass, elevation 10,015 feet.

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