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Danbury Railroad Museum 5/16/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

A museum view.

Track vehicle.

New Haven Electrics.

Track vehicle.

Cab Car views.

New Haven RDC 32.

Union Pacific DC7 Dapco Hi-Railer. With that picture it was time to board the museum's train. I got in line but when they went to punch my ticket, he told me to ride in the Maine Central Caboose. I climbed up into the cupola and met a father and his two daughters who were already there. Once everyone had boarded the train, we took off for the turntable.

On the way to the turntable.

The two daughters in the cupola.

The rest of the trip to the turntable. Here we all detrained for a ride on the turntable.

Maintenance equipment. Once everyone was on the turntable, the operator started it up and we started one rotation of the turntable.

The 360 degree trip around the turntable. From here we got to go see the pump house.

Our train waiting for us.

The Danbury Station sign.

The Pump House.

Another view of Pfizer EMD SW-8 #1. We all reboarded the train to continue our ride.

Our trip down and back on the most southerly yard track.

The return trip to the loading area. From here it was just a few more pictures that I wanted to take.

Another New Haven RDC.

New York Central FL-9 2013.

Sperry Rail Detector Car 135.

Erie-Lackawanna 33491 77 Ton Greenville Hopper.

Another view of the New York Central 2013.

Rear view of the New Haven 2006.

Metro North 228.

Metro North Cab Car on a train laying over for the weekend at Danbury. I went inside to see the model railroads in the museum.

Views of the Model Railroads at the Danbury Railroad Museum.

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