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Disneyland and California Adventure 1/24/2004

by Chris Guenzler

I had not been to Disneyland since I took the eighth graders there on their promotion trip in 1993 when I worked at MacArthur. I always wondered what the Indiana Jones ride would be like but never got around to going. Disney opened the California Adventure with a WP California Zephyr made up train set so I was interested in seeing that. My dear friend Jeff works for Disney testing video games and had done that for years. In fact, long enough that he can now bring someone into either park for free. Jeff asked me when I would like to go and we picked a date. Following a round trip to Solana Beach on a Surfliner train, Jeff picked me up and we were off to the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure.

We were greeted by the train at the Main Street station. We took the Horse Car down Main Street America before heading to Indiana Jones which we both enjoyed after only a thirty minutes wait. What a great ride. Next we went to Pirates of the Caribbean which I really enjoyed after the seeing the movie. Next to get some pictures of the park train we went to the New Orleans Square station to wait for the trains to pass by.

The New Orleans Square station area.

Disney engine 1 arrived at the station.

Disney engine 1 leaves the station and heads into a tunnel.

Disney engine 2 arrived into the station.

Disney engine 4 pulled the train into the station.

A view into engine 4's cab. We then rode the train all the way around the park before getting off at the Toontown station and headed to the Monorail.

The Monorail coming and going through Tomorrowland.

The Monorail pulls into the Tomorrowland Station and we boarded for a roundtrip.

Jeff enjoying the Monorail.

The train rider enjoying the Monorail.

The view of the California Adventure. After getting off the Monorail we headed there next.

The California Zephyr dinner train set. The F Unit nose is ex Canadian National F-7 9195. We did the Soaring over California ride which was a blast.

The Monorail was crossing above the two parks as we headed to the tram and back to the car.