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North Shore Scenic Railroad Trip and the NRHS Banquet 8/14/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I got up and put the corrections in the stories before having breakfast. I wrote the Lake Superior & Mississippi Story and uploaded it and then did the pictures for the Steam Trip yesterday. I walked the Duluth Skywalk {the enclosed overhead walkway that connects the main points of the city and keeps you out of the weather} over to the Radisson where I ran into Sarah Jennings. Down at the train station I met Bob and who else was there but Bart Jennings who bought a one way ticket to Two Harbors. The morning train to Lester River was loading late and then departed.

A few minutes later the RDC 9169 pulled into the station.

North Shore Scenic Railroad RDC 9169 was built in 1951 for the Chicago Northwestern. The crew loaded the snacks and then the passengers. Bart, Bob and I would sit near each other to visit most of the way to Two Harbors while I took pictures.

Bart and Bob as the RDC left Duluth Union Station. We backed out as usual before heading out for Two Harbors.

Some of the museum's engines waiting to be restored.

The train took us by the harbor.

Views of the Duluth Beach.

The North Shore of Duluth as we left town.

The final waterside view before we headed inland.

Our train crossed the Lester River bridge.

Our crew lined the switch at Lester River.

We ran around the train at Lester River.

The Tischer Creek where people swim.


The French River.

Pond with plenty of pond scum.

Sucker River where the bridge scene from Iron Will was filmed.

Our train took this curve.

The Knife River.

Stored DEEX Coal Cars.

Our train passed under the Canadian National ex Missabe Railroad.

Inside of the RDC 9169.

DM&IR Ore Car with an emblem of that fallen flag railroad.

Views of the Two Harbors Yard.

We will pass this switch then reverse to get into the Two Harbors Station.

Bart Jennings with one of his famous mileage books.

Our engineer running the RDC.

Our train pulled into the Two Harbors Station.

Our RDC sitting in front of the Two Harbors Station.

Bob and I took the shuttle bus to the Black Wood's Bar & Grill where I had a steak sandwich. After lunch Bob and I walked back to the station and said goodbye to Bart who was being picked up by Sarah to head back to Duluth by auto.

The RDC in front of the Two Harbors Station.

This was a special photographers train that was chartered this morning from Duluth.

The RDC in front of the Two Harbors Station. We walked down to the shore of Lake Superior.

Chris in Lake Superior.

The Canadian National Ore Dock.

Two Harbors looking towards the lighthouse. We walked back towards the station.

Our train sits in front of the Two Harbors Station.

Bob and I by the RDC at Two Harbors before we boarded for the trip back to Duluth. I relaxed most of the way back and saw some things I had never seen before along this route.

You can order a pie on the way to Two Harbors and they deliver them to the train by this truck at a grade crossing on the way back.

These are the pies in these containers before they are delivered to the passengers who ordered them.

Lakeside where our train backed into the siding to let the 3:00 PM Lester River Train by.

The Lester River Train. Once we throw the switch, our train headed back to Duluth.

An ore ship went under the Aerial Lift Bridge and out into Lake Superior.

Erie Mining 724.

Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic RS-1, #101. The train returned us to Duluth and I headed back to the Best Western via the Skywalk. There I worked on the stories before taking the Skywalk to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center where the NRHS Banquet was held.

NRHS Banquet

I stayed for the social hour and dinner which I ate with these people at the table. Needing a good night sleep, I excused myself, headed back to the Best Western via the Skywalk and finished the story from today's trip. That got me all caught up and now I could go to bed for the first time before ten this whole trip.