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Durango & Silverton Railroad Part 3 7/17/2008

by Chris Guenzler

On the train we decided to have lunch at Natalia's 1912 Restaurant and I had a Foot Long Hot Dog. After lunch Chris Parker and I visited a store as he needed another memory card for his camera.

The "Main Drag" in Silverton.

The second train of the day arrived into Silverton with the Silver Vista including in its consist.

The Silverton Station.

The station and grounds are the Silverton Freight Yard Museum. I will first look around the grounds.

Just north of the station is where the Durango & Silverton Railroad track inspector speeders tie up between their trips behind each run. Safety first is Rule Number 1 on every railroad I travel.

Rio Grande K-37 493

Outfit cars.

A gondola and flat car.

Our K-37 493 is on a freight train.

Stock Cars.

Box Car.

Another view of the outfit cars.

Truckless box cars.

Box cars and stock cars. Now we will go inside this museum in the Silverton Station.

Displays are in cases.

Or just out in the open.

A fantastic display of rocks and minerals.

Baggage Cart in the old Baggage Room.

Many interesting display on this wall and on the floor.

A small model railroad display among the other things here.

Map of the San Juan National Forest.

Another case of minerals.

More displays.

An interesting stove in the Silverton Station. I now will return outside to do some more photography.

The second train now heads to the wye and will remain there until after we leave. Our train at the wye will now back into the street where it dropped us all off.

Our train now backs into the loading area.

Looking up the valley.

The view of the Silverton Station and Freight Yard Museum.

A rail car on display. Chris and I headed back to the curve to catch the third train arrival into Silverton.

What does a Rio Grande and Santa Fe cabooses make? Somebody's unique home.

Our engine and train in Silverton ready to take us back to Durango.

The third train was a double header and looked great as it arrived into Silverton.

The third train unloading in Silverton.

Our train is ready to take us back to Durango. I went to a store for post cards and got an ice cream cone before reboarding the open car which was not packed like it was coming up.

The train departed Silverton for Durango right on time. Here we took the first of the many curves back to Durango.

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