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The Durham Museum, Omaha, NE 11/12/2010

by Chris Guenzler

From Kennefick Park my next stop was the Durham Museum and I parked in their parking lot.

The Durham Museum is in Omaha Union Station. I went inside and bought a ticket to see this interesting museum.

Looking at the main entrance to Omaha Union Station.

The Grand Hall is now known as the Suzanne & Walter Scott Great Hall.

Throughout the Grand Hall are statues of people who use to use the station.

The Ticket Counter behind it is the Gilbert M. & Martha M. Hitchock Museum Shop.

The old First Class Dining Area of Omaha Union Station.

One of the north entrances to Omaha Union Station.

The Soda Fountain and Candy Counter.

Looking back down the Great Hall.

The roof of the Great Hall.

The benches in the Great Hall. From here I walked into the Swanson Gallery which was once the Hayden House Restaurant, a grand dining room in Union Station.

The paintings above are fantastic.

The roof is very impressive.

Looking back towards the Great Hall.

More decorations are on the walls in this room.

The Soda Fountain and Candy Shop. Next I went inside the Union Station Gallery.

Charles W Guilver Lives on Tradition.

Iowa West.

The old CB&Q Station sits across the mainline tracks of the UP and BNSF.

The Omaha Amtrak Station.

Looking down the main entrance to Omaha Union Station.

Another impressive ceiling.

Omaha Union Station Timetable Board.

The view above the doorway. From here I headed downstairs to see more of the exhibits.

Union Pacific National Command 1202 Sleeper.

Union Pacific Lounge SP 2986.

Pullman Cornhusker Club.

Another view looking down the display train.

Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard.

Flags of Railroads that once served Omaha Union Station.

Union Pacific Caboose 25559.

Union Pacific 4-6-0 1243.

Trolley 1014.

US Mail Stage Coach.

I like this style car.

An early pick up truck.

A very early car.

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