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The Eastern Flyer Trip 2/23/2014

by Chris Guenzler

My morning started after a hot shower and a good breakfast finding a review of my Miley Cryus concert I went to in both newspapers. I checked a few things on the Internet while I waited for Winston to pick me up and drive me to the John Wayne Airport. Once there, security was quick and I waited for my first of two flights of the day to get me to Oklahoma City.

Southwest Airline Flight 2212 2/22/2014

The flight to Las Vegas was quick with the highlight being Afton Canyon on a very clear morning. I called home and learned the USA Men's Ice Hockey team lost 5-0 to Finland with two goals by the Anaheim Duck Teemu Selanne and one by Olla Matta of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Olla is only 19 years old and is an excellent defenseman. The Eastern Flyer called and the ticket problem had been fixed. I went from Gate C23 to C1 then called Lets Talk Trains while I waited for my next flight to Oklahoma City.

Southwest Airline Flight 642 2/22/2014

This flight was the longer of the two today. Flight highlights was seeing the Nevada Railroad Museum train, Hoover Dam and the highway bridge, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon, Rio Grande River and a Coca-Cola to keep Chris going. We touched down in OKC at 3:30 PM and once off the plane I went and found Dave Smetko and Dwight's gate to meet them there. From there we got the rental car for the trip to Sapulpa.

The Road to Sapulpa 2/22/2014

It took waiting 30 minutes at the Hertz Rental Car counter before Dave could get our car. We left OKC Airport then made our way to the Interstate 44 Toll Road which we took to Bristow but arrived there after dark. We found the old Frisco Railroad train station and Dave stopped the car while I tried a little night photography here.

The Frisco Station and Frisco Caboose 334 at Bristow. We took old 66 the rest of the way to Sapulpa and found a Trolley and Frisco freighthouse that we would leave until the light of tomorrow. We drove to the Super 8 Motel in Sapulpa and checked in. We had an excellent steak dinner at the next door Freddies Bar-B-Que and Steak House. I will eat again here at the NRHS 2014 Convention in Springdale, Arkansas. I worked on the story and called it a night.

2/23/2014 I met Dave at 6:10 AM and we headed out to find the Frisco Steam Engine at the Route 66 Park in Tulsa.

The display train in the Route 66 Park in Tulsa.

Frisco 4-8-4 4500.

Tulsa Sapulpa Union Railroad Murray Hill.

Cosden Tank Car

SLSF Caboose 1157. From here Dave and I drove back to the Super 8 to pick up Dwight. Then we headed to the boarding site but made a few stops on the way from what we had found last night on the way to the hotel.

Sapulpa Trolley and Rail 375.

Extended Window Caboose. We drove over one street for the next picture,

LTX 133 ex Sheffield Steel Corp. From here it was four blocks and a right to our next destination.

The old Frisco Freighthouse in Sapulpa. From here we drove to the boarding site of the Eastern Flyer.

The Eastern Flyer Trip 2/23/2014

Our train would leave from Milepost 436.

SLWC SD-40-2 4137.

SLC 3009 ex Long Island articulated coaches.

SLC 448 Diner.

SLC Full Dome 510.

SLC 3310 Pontchartrain Club.

SLWC SD-40-2 4140.

The rear of our train for today's trip.

One more view of the front of the train. I visited the tent to pick up my ticket then talked with both Bart and Sarah Jennings.

The Trip

Our trip today is a demonstration trip for future service between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. This was the route of the Frisco passenger trains called The Firefly, Oklahoman and Will Rogers. We boarded the train with me getting seat U 38 in the rear part of the SLC 3009. We left right on time at 8:00 AM.

The train crossed Rock Creek. Breakfast was served to our car of passengers.

The first of many ponds along our route today.

We ran by the dirt track racing west of Sapulpa.

Views of the Oklahoma countryside.

The first of the many small oil wells we will see on our trip today.

Trees without leaves let you have better views of things until Spring.

Bart and Sarah Jennings.

Polecat Creek.

Another view of the great state of Oklahoma.

Another oil well. We pulled into Bristow to pick up a few more passengers.

The Bristow Frisco Station through the trees.

The Frisco Caboose 1157 in Bristow.

The old Frisco water tower in Bristow.

More of that great Oklahoma scenery.

Another pond along our route.

Little Deep Fork Creek.

More of that great Oklahoma scenery.

Salt Creek.

More of that great Oklahoma scenery.

At Stroud we picked up our final passengers of the trip.

Oknoname 08111 Reservoir Overflow.

Captian Creek.

Down along the road.

Another small lake along our route.

More of that great Oklahoma scenery.

The rich red soil that Oklahoma is known for.

Wildhorse Creek.

More ponds along our route.

Views along Wildhorse Creek.

Down at the end of the road.

Fields beginning their spring activities early.

Trees along a property line.

My train ticket for our trip today.

North Canadian River.

Coming into Jones.

The Jones Lake Park.

A fire had burnt through a large area along our route west of Jones.

Another Oklahoma scene.

The above ground dump with a lake in front of it.

Nearing the unloading location. Once we crossed the old Rock Island Line we pulled into a siding to waiting buses.

The passengers would board buses either for Bricktown, the Oklahoma Thunder/LA Clippers game or the Cowboy Museum. The three of us plus Bart Jennings got to stay on the rest of the way to the yard 3.1 miles further west.

We started on our way to the yard.

A small creek was crossed.

Downtown Oklahoma City came into view as we neared the yard. We arrived at the yard and we got off for a few pictures.

Our train and the Oklahoma City station sign.

The west end of our train.

SLWC SD-40-2 4137.

SLWC SD-40-2 4137 and friends in Oklahoma City.

SLWC SD-40-2 4140 on the east end of the train.

The east end of our train that will take us back to Sapulpa. I finished up the story to this point and then relaxed. Only a few pictures would be taken on the return trip.

SLWC SD-40-2 4142. After this picture we headed east back to our boarding location. The buses started returning and we were called into the Dining Room for dinner.

The cover of the Dinner Menu. We had a Classic French Chicken with a Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

A former Santa Fe Car in Luther. I relaxed the rest of the way back to Sapulpa and really enjoyed the trip on the Eastern Flyer over the rails of the Stillwater Central. It had been a great trip today on the Eastern Flyer.

The Trip Home

We stopped by a gas station for goodies before we drove back to Oklahoma City staying near the airport.

2/24/2014 The next morning I was up at 4:30 AM and Dave drove me over to the airport. I went through security and changed into my work clothes. I boarded the Southwest Airlines flight 2238 to Phoenix then took Southwest Airlines flight 1247 home to Santa Ana. Winston picked me up then dropped me off at work where I finished my day. I walked home thus ending a great trip to ride the Eastern Flyer.

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