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A visit with Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 2/5/2006

by Chris Guenzler

On the way to San Diego to ride the entire San Diego Trolley system, our conductor told me he saw the Santa Fe steam engine 3751 getting ready to go to Los Angeles Union Station for use in the Santa Fe 3751 Educational Outreach Program the following week. On the way back from San Diego that same day Conductor Bob Riskie told me it was pulling into LAUPT the same time his Surfliner 572 was leaving. I knew I would then be going to Los Angeles to see my old and dear friend the next morning.

Surfliner 564 2/5/2006

To get a few extra rail miles I decided to take Surfliner 564 to Irvine to catch northbound Surfliner 565. The train came into Santa Ana right on time and 9.8 miles later I detrained at Irvine. I went up the pedestrian bridge to check out photo angles.

Surfliner 564 leaving Irvine. The train left and I went down to the platform to wait for Surfliner 565.

Surfliner 565 2/5/2006

The Surfliner pulled into Irvine right on time and I just sat back enjoying the trip to Los Angeles. We stopped at Santa Ana, Anaheim and Fullerton before we made our way to Los Angeles Union Station a few minutes early.

Los Angeles and Santa Fe 3751 2/5/2006

I stepped off of Surfliner 565 and across the platform on Track 13 was the Santa Fe 3751.

The view of Santa Fe 3751 from the platform of Track 12.

A nose view of the Santa Fe 3751.

To get to the sunny side of the Santa Fe 3751, I had to walk to the end of the platform around passenger cars to be used in the Santa Fe 3751 Educational Outreach Program.

The Santa Fe 3751 at the display location at Los Angeles Union Station.

After I enjoyed the view into 3751's locomotive cab, I shot this picture looking down the boiler. With that it was time for an early lunch.

I stopped for a picture of the 3751's builder plate.

Views of the Pacific Sands part of the Santa Fe 3751 Educational Outreach Program.

There was also a Horizon Car plus my old friend the Pony Express. I walked through the station to my favorite place to eat in Los Angeles.

A short walk from Union Station is Philippe's where I always have a Beef French Dip sandwich, cottage cheese and a lemonade. After a great meal, I walked back to Union Station to wait for Surfliner 572. I went back to the Santa Fe 3751 and talked with several members of the 3751 crew. After a nice talk, I went to Track 9 and boarded Surfliner 572 which took me home on time to Santa Ana ending another encounter with the Santa Fe 3751.