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Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway 4/8/2009 Part 1

by Chris Guenzler

I drove down through Eureka Springs down to the bottom of town knowing that the railroad had to be there.

I was greeted by this scene and I knew I was in the right place. I got here at 12:15 PM for the 2:00 PM Train. I went inside the station, meet the ticket agent and picked up my ticket for this afternoon's trip. I then excused myself to go outside and photograph the collection of railroad equipment here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

This 0-4-0 up on its perch was built in Berlin, Germany.

Interesting displays out next to the station building.

This signal display caught my eye.

An outside braced Box Car.

This rail car was interesting to look at.

ESNA 2 Dining Car.

ESNA 1 Dining Car.

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Station in Eureka Springs.

ESNA 2523 Office Car.

Steam Tractor.

The train for today's trip waits out near the station.

ESNA 2-6-0 201.

Just the engine minus the tender of ESNA 2-8-0 226.

Another view of the train for today's trip.

ESNA 2585 ex Rock Island Commuter Coach.

ESNA Wood Burning 2-6-0 1.

ESNA Wooden Caboose.

The ESNA Turntable.

ESNA Water Tower.

ESNA 2515 a parked concession car.

Missouri Pacific{MOP} Box Car 41397, MOP Box Car ? and MOP Box Car ?.

Graysonia, Nashville & Ashdown Railroad Caboose 60.

ESNA ? up on blocks.

Two mine engines.

ESNA 2560 ex Rock Island Commuter Coach.

ESNA Caboose 12153.

ESNA Open Car 41.

This car was interesting to look at.

Flat Car with rail on it.

The tender of the ESNA 226 I believe.

Another flat car.

This scene was interesting to look at.

UTLX Tank Car 3428.

Scenes around the ESNA Yard.

More equipment on display. With time to kill I walked back to the car for a Coca-Cola before I returned to the station.

Railroading was a lot more interesting in the old days.

The Station Timetable Board done in chalk gives the only departure of the day listed on it.

Our Conductor came out and gave us the complete history of Eureka Springs.

Our train sits ready to take us at 2:00 PM.

ESNA SW-1 4742 ex CE&I, ex MOP, ex Granite MT. Quarries Sweet Home {Little Rock} AK. The rains started and poured down as the time neared to start our trip at 2:00 PM.

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