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Fillmore Railfest 2011 3/26/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I was going to ride the northbound Coast Starlight Detour on Tuesday March 22, 2010 so I did my usual Surfliner 562 trip to Solana Beach before heading to Los Angeles Union Station for the trip.

The storm which shut down the Coast Line above Goleta was leaving Southern California as I headed back north on Surfliner 567 which I took to Los Angeles. There I walked over to the Coast Starlight for some pictures after I visited Subway to get some lunch to take with me.

The storm has left.

The Coast Starlight waited for its departure time. I was then told the train would go its normal route. Not wanting to go now I went down to the south end of the platform and had my lunch while I waited for Surfliner 774 to arrive to take me home to Santa Ana. I got home learning that the Fillmore Railfest was this weekend. They would be running their steam engine that I haven't ridden. I tried someone who wanted to go but had no luck so I got a ticket on-line for the 9:00 AM Steam Trip and then planned to go by myself.

Fillmore Railfest 2011

I got up early and left at 6:00 AM up Interstate 5 with no delays north to CA Highway 126 which I took west to Fillmore. I parked my GEO Metro then walked to a gas station to get some Coca-Cola. From there I walked to the event where they were still setting up for the event. I decided to see what I could photograph this morning.

Mock ups used in the movies were here for visitors to see.

West Horizon Railway fake unit was used in the movie "Inception".

Cab of loco 1206 from the movie "Unstoppable".

Cab of loco 767 used in the movie "Unstoppable".

Blueridge Caboose 570.

Southern Pacific Baywindow Caboose 1732.

The Heritage Valley Station is in this car.

Caboose FL-7.

Southern Pacific Houston Business Car SP 99.

Unnamed caboose.

This train will take people going to Santa Paula later this morning.

Fillmore & Western 100.

Cotton Belt Baywindow Caboose 63.

Southern Pacific Box Car 667808.

The Fillmore Turntable.

Union Pacific Sleeper National Embassy.

PFE Reefer 11463.

Santa Fe Caboose 999474.

This steam engine is up for sale.

The other end of the 100 train had F&W 1059 on it going to Santa Paula later and next to it was the F&W 101.

Another view of the F&W 101.

The Fillmore & Western 14 was the reason I came to Fillmore this morning.

Southern Pacific Caboose 1119.

F&W 3501.

An outside wooden braced car.

Baggage Car.

Point Lance PPCX 72911.

The other engines at Fillmore.

Another outside wooden braced box car.

Two more wooden box car.

KNSD 5 Tank Car 230055K.

Passenger Support Car.

Southern Pacific 131 Los Angeles.

Ventura County S-6 11.

Two more of the Fillmore & Western engines. I went and picked up my ticket then walked over to catch the FW 14 coming out to meet its train.

The F&W 14 came out from its storage area. It came to a stop so I walked over for a picture.

The Fillmore & Western 2-8-0 14. I returned to where I had been.

The engine came out to switch onto its train set for our trip at 9:00 AM.

The Fillmore & Western 14 then backed down to its train.

The engine coupled to its train and then pulled down to a stop while the crew finished up preparing the engine for this morning's first run.

The train came out so we could board for our 9:00 AM Steam Trip this morning.

The conductor gave hand signal to spot the train.

With the train now spotted, we were ready to board for our trip this morning.

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