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Weiser Railroad Trip at the Greenfield Village

by Chris Guenzler

The Weiser Railroad sign.

This Wig Wag Crossing Signal is at the main entrance to Greenfield Village.

The railroad is signaled all the way around the 2.5 mile loop with various signals that are maintained by the Canadian National Railroad.

The train is pulled by the Torch Lake 3 built by Mason-Bogie in 1873 at the Mason Machine Works and is lettered Calumet-Hecla Mining Company. This is the oldest continuous operating steam engine in the United States. The train pulls covered open air cars that allows a good view as the train loops around Greenfield Village. We all boarded the last row of seats in the last car.

The view looking back.

The view looking forward with the building being the Soybean Lab Agricultural Gallery.

Looking across the pens you see the Liberty Craftworks Store.

Our train left the Firestone Station and headed out onto the loop heading east.

The train took the first curve of the trip.

The Ford Home where Henry was born on the second floor. The house was moved to here from its original location three miles away.

A wind mill.

The Bagley Avenue Workshop.

UTLX 1328 tank car and DT&I outside braced box car.

Miller School.

Edison's Menlo Park Complex.

Horse Drawn Vehicles and early Ford Cars are the only thing allowed on the streets of Greenfield Village.

Sarah Jones Boarding House.

Band Stand.

Ackley Covered Bridge from Cape Cod.

Susquehanna Plantation as the train came into the Susquehanna Station where we paused for five minutes.

Another view of the Ackley Covered Bridge.

Two views of the Susquehanna Plantation where corn and tobacco is grown.

Susquehanna Plantation House.

Farris Windmill at the Dagget Farm.

The Dagget Farmhouse.

The train ran along the service road along the south side of the property.

The train ran into the forest then stopped for our engine to do four blow downs before our train continued on its trip.

Our train continued the trip through the forest.

A scene where wood is cut.

The Walnut Grove Field where old time baseball is played with the Gidding Family Home in the first view and the Noah Webster Home and the Robert Frost Home in the second view.

The Henry Ford Academy Village Campus.

The train took another curve.

The Suwanee Lagoon.

Our route then took us along side of the Chicago-Detroit mainline that Amtrak uses.

Two more views of Suwanee Lagoon.

Two views of Chapel Road and in the second you can see the Martha-Mary Chapel where weddings take place.

One more view of Suwanee Lagoon before the train pulled into the Smith's Creek Depot for a five minute stop. I got off for some pictures of our engine and train at the Smith's Creek Station.

Views of our engine and train at the Smith's Creek Station. The train then took off again to finish the loop at the Firestone Station.

Railroad Workers out on the Chicago-Detroit Mainline.

The Smith's Creek Station.

The water Tower that holds 3,900 gallons of water.

Scenes passing the back of the roundhouse.

The train took the northwest curve.

Spofford Sawmill.

Stony Creek Sawmill.

Pottery Shop.

The train took the final curve into the Firestone Station.

Arriving into the Firestone Station.

A bull in the pasture. We all detrained at the Firestone Station and headed to the locomotive.

Bob and Elizabeth in front of our train.

Me in front of the latest steam engine that I had ridden. From here we walked over to the Ford Museum to take a look at it.

Click here for the visit to the Henry Ford Museum!