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The Henry Ford Museum

by Chris Guenzler

We walked from the Greenfield Village towards the Henry Ford Museum where I spotted this.

The Henry Ford Statue near the front entrance of the Henry Ford Museum. From here we walked into the museum and I was surprised what I first saw.

This DC3 was built in 1939 by Douglas which logged more than 12 million miles and was aloft for 83,032 hours nearly nine and a half years. Looking down towards the right I could see the C&O Allegheny Locomotive and headed towards it.

On the way there I passed some of the cars on display.

Here is a race car.

Lamy's Diner.

The Dewitt Clinton replica.

C&O H1 2-6-6-6 1601 was built in 1941.

Elizabeth and I in front of the C&O 1601.

Me sitting at the controls of the C&O 1601.

The 1829 Replica of the Stephenson Rocket.

Atlantic and Gulf Sam Hill 4-4-0 #3 built by Rogers in 1858.

Fruit Growers Express FGEX5566.

Canadian Pacific Wedge Snow Plow built in 1923.

BL&E C3B 154 a 1906 Baldwin Drag Consolidation.

General Electric Ingersoll-Rand/Alco 90 built in 1926.

Fairlane 800019.

Wayne County 0-4-0 #7 built by Davenport in 1922.

Detroit & Mackinac Combine #100.

DT&IRR Caboose 77 built in 1925.

Fort Collins Municipal Railway #26 is a Birney Safety Car built in 1921.

Hunter Point Jones Street Car is a Horse Drawn Car built in 1881.

Cleveland Trolley is a 1922 Brill Streetcar.

Two display cases of interesting railroad things. Next we will look at the automobiles.

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