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Fullerton Railroad Days 2008 with a look at the Willamette Valley Parlour Car

by Chris Guenzler

Metrolink 653 arrived into Santa Ana to take me to Fullerton for Fullerton Railroad Days 2008. I entered the event and with no one there yet to set up the tent, I decided to see about getting pictures of the Willamette Valley Pacific Parlour Car before the general public arrived. First I shot a few pictures on my way there.

Disneyland Engine 3-Fred Gurley 2-4-4T, built originally as a 0-4-4T by Baldwin in 1894 Philadelphia bought by Godchaux Sugar Refinery in 1895. Later bought by Roger Broggie for Disney in 1957, where refitted as a 2-4-4T and commissioned at Disneyland in 1958.

The Santa Fe 3751 out in the morning sun. We met an Amtrak person who took me through the Sleeper 32032 and into the Willamette Valley Parlour Car.

Looking into the upgraded Willamette Valley Parlour Car 39975.

The Bar Area looks the same as before.

A new small table has been added here between the bar and the first set of tables.

Wall plugs have been added throughout the Parlour Car.

Tables set up for dining.

Scrabble Game set up on this table.

Board Game set up on this table.

Magazine Holder.

Food Warming Table.


My favorite comfortable chairs remain.

Plastic flowers at the one end of the car.

The Game and Book Cabinet. We next head downstairs to see the lower level of the Willamette Valley Parlour Car.

A new larger flat screen television replaced the older models the car used to have.

Theater Seating remains.

Wall plug on the lower level.

Raised Relief Map of Washington.

There is a Raised Relief Map of Washington and Raised Relief Map of Oregon in this car. We exited the Willamette Valley Parlour Car 39975 on the lower level and walked over and into the CB&Q 4735 "Silver Buckle" coach for Denver Zephyr then became BN 4687. Later it was renamed Silver Splendor.

The A End of the Sliver Splendor Dome Car.

Two views inside the Silver Splendor Dome Car.

Looking down into the B End of the Sliver Splendor Dome Car.

The B End of the Sliver Splendor Dome Car. We exited the Silver Splendor and entered the Santa Fe Club-Lounge 1389. Built by the Budd Car Company in 1941 was assigned to the El Capitan, a Los Angeles-Chicago extra fare train, taking just 39.75 hours to make that journey. It was also used on the Chief, Grand Canyon, San Diegan and the Chicagoan/Kansas Cityan.

I entered the Santa Fe 1389.

A look at the lounge area of this car.

The Bar Area of the Santa Fe 1389

Newsstand area. I exited this unique ex Santa Fe car into a caboose then out onto the ground.

The number board of the Santa Fe 1389.

Dome Car Silver Splendor CB&Q 4714.

BNSF 7558 on display here at Fullerton Railroad Days 2008.

My Orange County Railroad Historical Society finally bought a banner for our booth. I returned to the Trainweb Tent and started to set up things. A few minutes later Tom and Kelly from the Depot Inn & Suites arrived and we put up the rest of the displays.

Tom and Kelly stand in front of the Depot Inn & Suites display.

We shared our tent with the Morse Telegraph Club which has Cathy and her mother as members. Cathy has a large knowledge of Morse Code and its history. I took Surfliner 768 home to Santa Ana where I locked my dog Clyde in before I took Surfliner 769 back to Fullerton. Before I went back to the tent, I had one more picture to take.

A much better picture of Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751. I returned to the tent where I talked to people about the Depot Inn & Suites, and my travels.

John Grabarek from Salisbury, North Carolina who Chris Parker and I meet at a grade crossing there waiting for the Piedmont to arrive into his hometown was at Fullerton today. John was on a major cross county train trip but had planned to be in Fullerton today on the chance of meeting me here.

Parlour Car Willamette Valley. The afternoon stayed busy and soon it was closing at teardown time. Once that was done, it was time for another Santa Fe 3751 picture.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 in the late afternoon sun. I walked over to the Slidebar Cafe for a special Train Travel Meetup Group Dinner with Tom and Kelly Marshall of the Depot Inn & Suites.

This was our largest group ever.

Tom Anderson arrived late so I went over and sat with him until I left.

One last view of the group before Christy and I walked over to see the Southwest Chief leave Fullerton for Chicago. I then waited for Winston to drive me back to my car at the Santa Ana Train Station and then I drove home ending another good day at Fullerton Railroad Days.