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What it took to get the mileage to work!

Getting the miles perfect when leaving Fullerton Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

March 29, 2008

Saturday morning found me at Santa Ana right before a late Surfliner 763 arrived into Santa Ana.

A few minutes later, the on time Surfliner 564 arrived into Santa Ana to pick me up.

Jeffrey Road under pass construction work in Irvine.

Surfliner 564 turning into northbound Surfliner 571 in San Diego.

A look at Los Pulgas Beach at Camp Pendleton.

Passing San Onofre Nuclear Power Station known by railroaders as "Dolly Parton".

Soccer being played at Rancho Capistrano.

Surfliner 571 after dropping me off at Santa Ana. I ran an errand to get a new watch band before I returned to the Santa Ana Station to board Metrolink 656 to North Beach San Clemente. On the way to the station I was passed by a Metrolink Special Train heading south.

Between games at the Rancho Capistrano Soccer Fields.

A special Metrolink train came through San Clemente North Beach as our train to Los Angeles was due to stop.

Ten minutes later, Metrolink 657 came into North Beach to pick me up to take me to LAUPT. I took Metrolink 658 home to Santa Ana. I would repeat today's trips tomorrow on Sunday or so I thought.

March 30, 2008

Trip 2 started on a wet southern California morning as I boarded Surfliner 564.

Dana Point from the gap between the homes and mobile homes.

Scenes along San Clemente Beach.

Between San Matoe Creek and the San Onofre Bluffs.

Surfliner 564 turning into Surfliner 571.

The Pacific Sands Sleeping Car was down here for its San Diegan Weekend. I then got an idea. If they had room on the trip back tonight I could make the last trip {ie Trip 1} this afternoon/evening. I wrote a note to Doug Spin and left it with a passenger with my home phone on it. I waited to board Surfliner 571 for Santa Ana.

San Clemente Scenes.

Surfliner 571 has dropped me off at Santa Ana and now it was one more round trip to San Diego. I got home and found a message from Doug saying be in San Diego at 6:20 PM. Happy to be finishing today I worked on this story before driving back at 2:25 PM to Santa Ana to catch Surfliner 578 for Trip 1.

Surfliner 577 at the Santa Ana Station.

Surfliner 578 coming into Santa Ana to pick me up for Trip 1.

Me enjoying Pacific Business Class on this southbound trip to San Diego.

Surfliner 578 has taken me to San Diego. Only 92.3 Amtrak miles to go to be ready to leave for La Plata next Saturday night from Fullerton.

The Pacific Sands. I stored my stuff on board then walked to Sam Goody's at Hortons Plaza to pick up a DVD. I walked back to the Santa Fe Station and then visited with Doug and my fellow passengers until I heard Surfliner 580 coming into San Diego.

Surfliner 580 ready to turn into Surfliner 591.

Safety Stop before coupling up to the Pacific Sands.

Surfliner 591 is now coupled up to the Pacific Sands.

The Pacific Sands ready to take me back to Santa Ana. We left San Diego on time.

CP Friar just passed Old Town.

Crossing the San Diego River.

Near CP Tecolote.

Mission Bay.

A look back as we head for Rose Canyon.

Dropping down the Miramar Grade.

New friends I met enjoying the trip aboard the Pacific Sands.

Zoo TV in Sydney by U2 on my Computer.

Towards the setting Sun.

Along the Del Mar Bluffs.

Station stop at Solana Beach.

A pair of lagoon pictures on this final ride on the Surf Line for awhile.

The Pacific Sands and Surfliner 591 has returned me to Santa Ana. I thanked Doug Spin for the excellent trip home from San Diego.

I stood there watching Surfliner 591 and the Pacific Sands roll into the night. For information on the Pacific Sands contact Doug Spin at Pullman Adventure at 925-321-0023 or click the link below.

Pullman Adventure Link

I got home then subtracted the final mileage to 0 and to 1906.0 Fullerton to La Plata. With that done, it is no more Amtrak Train Rides until Saturday when I board the Southwest Chief for La Plata. Until then, I can finally get some well deserved rest!