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Glacier Bay 8/28/2004

by Chris Guenzler

Before I woke up, the boat was met by a pilot boat bringing the Glacier Bay National Park Rangers aboard. Once I was up, I went up to the buffet for breakfast. The weather was cold and damp so I sat out on a deck chair on the Promenade Deck seeing a few whales and one bear on the shore.

A quick look up the Queen Inlet showed the Carroll Glacier high upon the mountain. Our ship continued as the clouds began to lift off the waters as the ship traveled up Glacier Bay.

The first tidal glacier we saw was the Reid Glacier.

Twenty minutes later, the Lampugh Glacier came into view.

Suddenly the Sun Princess came out of the clouds with blue skies above and in the head of the bay was the Grand Pacific Glacier with very dirty ice{the non white ice}.

As we moved closer to the Grand Pacific Glacier, the Margerie Glacier came into view.

Nearing the glaciers, I spotted a bay seal out on an ice berg. As the ship neared the seal it dove into the safety of the water.

Above the many views of the Margerie Glacier.

Another view of the Grand Pacific Glacier with its dirty ice.

Mt Quincy Adams came into views out of the clouds. After spending a thirty minute stop at the Margerie Glacier, the Sun Princess turned and heading back down the Tarr Inlet of Glacier Bay. I went and checked my E-mail and when I was done, I noticed the Sun Princess was turning up the John Hopkins Inlet.

That took us by the Lampugh Glacier up this channel.

The view ahead of the Sun Princess.

We came to the point where the John Hopkins Inlet turned southwest which gave all the passengers a beautiful view of the John Hopkins Glacier.

Rocks here formed by the forces of Plate Tectonics created a colorful scene.

The view up another valley with a glacier at the top.

Mt Cooper stood out to the south.

The Sun Princess passed near the Lampugh Glacier.

The last tidal glacier we passed on our way back out was the Reid Glacier. The weather turned wet again and I relaxed in the room as I had seen everything this morning when we had come up Glacier Bay.

Later I went up two decks to the Promenade to shot a few pictures of us leaving Glacier Bay.

As I walked to the rear of the Sun Princess, the pilot boat came to pick up the rangers. Back in the room, we lost the ESPN signal and now had four channels of the same BBC program. My mother had wanted to watch USC football on ESPN. I relaxed a little more before heading to the front of the Lido Deck.

Our ship passed the Idaho Inlet while we cruised west from the Icy Straits to Cross Sound before the rain came.

The north end of Chichag of Island as we arrived at Cross Sound. Our ship passed the Cape Spencer Lighthouse and we went out into the Gulf of Alaska. I returned to the room finding my mother watching "Under a Tuscan Sun". I suggested that she should try ESPN again and there was USC playing Virginia Tech. USC won the game 21-10.

I had to dress for dinner as it was Formal Night and had my usual steak. After I checked Sport Center, I called it a night.

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