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Growing up with Trains in Orange County

by Chris Guenzler

Here is a story of growing up with trains in Orange County.

US Navy 65 Toner #65 at the Navy Weapon Station at Los Alamitos in 1972.

Santa Fe U-36-C 8706 rounds the curve at Santa Ana in 1973.

Following a heavy rain, Santa Fe S-4 1536 switches at Santa Ana in 1973.

Amtrak San Diegan 576 rolls by the closed Orange Station in 1973.

Amtrak San Diegan 577 crosses Santiago Creek into Orange in 1973.

Santa Fe GP-35 3431 had to be set out at Santa Ana after a grade crossing accident at 17th Street bent the pilot which was scraping pavement at grade crossings in 1973.

Union Pacific GP-20 in the yard at Fullerton in 1974.

Santa Fe GP-35 3347 led Amtrak 573 after the SDP-40F had to be set off. 1974

Southern Pacific U-30-C 7936 on the Colton Hauler at Anaheim in 1974.

Santa Fe SD-45-2 5701 on the point of the Super C on a cloudy morning in 1975.

A night shot of GP-35 3318 at Santa Ana in 1976.

American Freedom Train with the ex SP 4449 at Anaheim Stadium in January of 1976.

The 4449 resting at night with the Big A standing guard behind in 1976.

Southern Pacific S-6's 1277, 1272 and 1271 pull an empty Sugar Beet train back up to Anaheim where the road power would be added for the trip back to the Imperial Valley.

The Santa Fe Track Geometry Car would visit Santa Ana every year as here in 1976.

Santa Fe 3445 leading the Night Coast through Santa Ana in 1976. The Night Coast would run early on Sunday afternoons.

Santa Fe 3443 heads south for San Diego at Santa Ana in 1976.

The rear end of the Santa Fe 3443.

The third Rohr Turbo Train leaving Santa Ana in August of 1976.

The Ringling Brothers Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus heads west through Esperanza in 1976.

Santa Fe F-45 5904 heading east through Atwood in 1977.

The Circus Train passes through Orange on it's way to Santa Ana to be given to the Southern Pacific in 1977.

The rear end of the same train.

Amtrak 581 flying at 90MPH into East Santa Ana in 1982.

Santa Fe 8014 coming down the siding in front of the Santa Ana Depot in 1982.

Amtrak 583 waiting time one night in Santa Ana in 1982.

Southern Pacific's Anaheim Hauler arriving Anaheim in 1983.

SP Camera Car 8799 took up residence at Buena Park seen in 1984.

Santa Fe 5590 with a B&O renumbered 4049 coming through Santa Ana in 1984.

Amtrak 3 the Southwest Chief rerouted on January 1st due to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena rolls west through Fullerton in 1984.

Amtrak 574 coming into Santa Ana at Fairhaven Ave in 1984.

Southern Pacific 3206 heading west at this point through Buena Park on the way to West Colton in 1984.

Merger painted for the SPSF merger that never took place, SP GP-9E 3370 comes through the three track yard at Washington Street in Santa Ana. These tracks were removed during the Interstate 5 widening project.

A scene that can never be repeated as the SP 3370 crosses Civic Center Blvd in Santa Ana in 1987. I will now return you to the present!