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Grapevine Vintage Railroad 12/30/2006

by Chris Guenzler

My memory was as good as ever as we pulled into the Grapevine Vintage Railroad parking lot and parked the rental car. Chris Parker and I then started to look around. The first thing I noticed was the diesel on the point of our train rather than the steam engine. This was my second trip here and today I would be able to ride, even if it was behind a diesel.

In April 2003, when I tried to ride it, Southern Pacific 4-6-0 2248, was the power when it was known as the Tarantula Steam Train. The engine had coupled onto the cars, pulled away but returned to the shop with a steam valve leak and that day's run was canceled.

Inside this shed is where the SP 4-6-0 2248 resides.

Today, I looked inside the shed at the 2248 at rest.

Southern Pacific 4-6-2 771 is outside being worked on in the group's spare time.

The Grapevine Vintage Train at rest prior to today's trip to Fort Worth. Today's train consisted of GVR GP7 2199, a former Santa Fe Railway locomotive, GVR coach 208 "PW McCallum", GVR Coach 1808, "Bob Roberton", GVR Coach 206 "Sue McCafferty", GVR coach 209, "Mayor Wm. D. Tale" and GVR coach 1818.

GVR GP-7 2199, a former Santa Fe Railway unit.

GVR Coach 208 named PW McCallum.

GVR Coach 1808, the Bob Roberton.

GVR Coach 206, the Sue McCafferty.

GVR Coach 209, the Mayor WM D Tale.

GVR Coach 1818.

I took some photographs from Tower 16 that came from Sherman, Texas.

Across the highway was the former St. Louis Southwestern {Cotton Belt} Grapevine Station.

Two more views of the Grapevine Station.

I saw a Cotton Belt symbol on the Grapevine water tower.

A Grapevine Vintage Railroad caboose was on display.

A look at equipment on display at the Grapevine Station.

The train then backed into the station and the passengers boarded. I saved two seats for Chris and I since he was recharging his video camera batteries.

Grapevine to Fort Worth Stockyards 12/30/2006

Another pre departure picture. The train left on time at 1:00 PM for the Stockyards in Fort Worth with us riding in coach 209. I had opened a window so I could take pictures.

The train left the storage area across the street from the Grapevine Station and a few minutes later we came to a section of track that made our train rock and roll and sway back and forth. After that excitement, the train passed the Baylor Medical Center.

Two scenes inside our train car on the way to the Fort Worth Stockyards Station.

The route to Forth Worth was not all that scenic, as one passed a few remaining open fields and plenty of nice suburban homes. The train ran by a shopping center with a large Sam's Club Walmart.

I photographed Kock Pipeline Company and tank farm as we passed through Branford.

I stuck the camera out the small open window for this down the side of the train view. Our train ran by the Valero LP tank farm.

The train crossed Little Bear Creek as we entered Hurst and I saw a BNSF caboose on the south side of our train.

There were ducks in a pond on the north side of the train.

The train crossed the main drag in Hurst.

Another view from the outside of our train.

The train crossed Calloway Creek as we entered North Richland Hills.

Later we went over Interstate 820 in Haltom City.

The train crossed Big Fossil Creek after we passed the Iron Horse Golf Course as we dropped down the bluff to get to the Trinity River.

Our train crossed the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas, over which Missouri Pacific once had trackage rights. All this is now under the umbrella of the Union Pacific.

One could see the two large grain elevators at Saginaw.

Looking across the car, Fort Worth and Western engines were seen as we passed through their yard.

We crossed the former Rock Island Railroad crossing, now Union Pacific.

The train crossed the former Fort Worth and Denver crossing, now BNSF .

The former Santa Fe crossing, also BNSF.

Our train approached and then crossed Marine Creek just prior to reaching the wye for the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The train took the northeast leg of the wye that would take us to the Stockyards station and crossed Marine Creek again.

Crossing Marine Creek and a look at that other bridge we had just crossed.

Our train took the last curve into the station and I saw many old Stockyards buildings.

View of one of the old Stockyard Buildings.

The train arrived into the Fort Worth Stockyards Station. I detrained and went to ticket office to pick up my ticket for the train ride along the Trinity River. I reached the turntable just after our engine had been turned.

Two views of Grapevine Vintage Railroad GP-7 2199.

The engine headed behind the shops to lay over until needed for the afternoon run west. Chris Parker decided not to ride the other train trip as he wanted time to look around the Stockyards. I decided to have my look around, but would take the afternoon train ride.

Looking in where the train was after the power had cut off and turned.

View of the train cars inside the station.

The Stockyards Station sign.

I saw a bucking bronco which people could ride.

Cowtown Cattlepen Inc.

Children and adults enjoying the maze.

Someone came to the aid of these children in the maze.

The Armour and Swift packing houses ground signs. After a look around, I was thirsty and looked for a store that could cure that.

I ended up at the Sasparilla Saloon-Sandwich & Soda shop where I enjoyed a chocolate malt. I shopped for a few minutes and looked around but ended behind the building where our locomotive was sitting between runs.

Two more views of GVR GP-7 2199 during its layover at the Stockyards.

I photographed some longhorn cattle out in their pens before I went to wait for my next train ride.

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