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Mount Hood Railroad Trip 6/11/2006

by Chris Guenzler

We all said goodbye to Bob who was off to downtown Portland to rent a car for his trip to Eugene and Bend. The now "Amazing Three" drove to Elmer's for breakfast before heading towards Hood River. We made a stop at Multnomah Falls where Chris got his first good look at the fabulous falls.

Pictures of Multnomah Falls. Once at Hood River we stopped for twelve dollars of gas before heading to the Mount Hood Railroad station. We all bought caboose tickets and then waited to board the train. The train backed in with GP38 02, Lookout Mountain MH 1056 Open Air Car, Coach Odell MH 1060, Timberline MH 1080 Concession Car, Coach Katherine MH 1070 and Caboose MH 1040.

We boarded the caboose by walking through the train. Philip Kondziela also joined us on this trip.

The Hood River Station from the cupola.

Jim and Chris in the cupola.

The UP mainline to the left and our route to the right.

Backing up the mainline to the switchback.

Reaching the switchback with the upper level to the left.

Heading up the 38 car tail track.

With our engine now pulling we head up the upper level of the switchback towards Parkdale.

Crossing the highway bridge on a big curve.

Looking back through the forest.

Mt Adams in Washington across the Columbia River.

Mount Hood.

A look back at Mohr.

A look back at Lentz.

Clouds attack Mt Adams.

A look back down the grade.

Passing through the forest.

Cresting another step towards Parkdale.

Mount Hood.

The train passing through Dee.

Further south, Mount Hood.

Mount Hood.

The train takes a curve near Trout Creek.

Through the forest on a steady climb.

Curving near Camp 1.

Mount Hood from Woodworth.

Mount Hood nearing Parkdale.

Mount Hood at Parkdale.

At Parkdale, our engine ran around the train before pushing us into the station. We detrained and went across the street to have lunch at the Rail End Cafe.

The Parkdale Sign.

The train at Parkdale with Mount Hood covered in clouds.

Mount Hood Railroad GP-38 02.

The Mount Hood Railroad Caboose we rode up to Parkdale in.

The rear of our train at Parkdale.

The Mount Hood Railroad Railbus.

Jim on the open platform of the Lookout Mountain. Chris had arranged a cab ride back to Hood River for the two of us and soon we were welcomed into the cab of the engine 02.

On the move we passed the Parkdale Sign before going into the siding.

We waited for the Mount Hood River Brunch Train.

Coming out of the Parkdale Siding.

Curving near Woodworth.

Nearing Woodworth.


Nearing Camp 1.

Rolling down grade through the forest.

Trout Creek.

Me in the Fireman Seat of GP-38 02.

Milepost 16.

The Hood River.

Passing through Dee.


Passing the old mill lake at Dee.




A few minutes later we reached Summit.

Rolling down the steep grade.

Dukes Valley.




The train headed down the steep grade.

Just past Mohr, we spotted a trespasser on the track, who panicked. He did an end-over-end down the ballast and landed on his face. Today's lesson is "Always stay off railroad tracks!"

Pine Grove.

A tank car being loaded.

The curved bridge over the highway.

Our train on that bridge.

Rolling down the upper level of the switchback.

Arriving at Switchback.


Heading down the tail track.

Leaving Switchback with us now pushing the train down to Hood River.

Looking back at Switchback.

The 02 now pushing our train.

The view looking back upgrade.

Another view back.

The large water pipe near Powerdale.


Pushing below Powerdale.

About to cross the Hood River.

The Hood River.

The Hood River Bridge.

The former mill water tower.

Rolling down grade along the Hood River just outside of town.

The train returned to Hood River and we thanked our engineer for a great and interesting trip. I walked up to the street bridge above the station for a picture.

Our train in front of the Hood River Station.

Our train back at Hood River.

Mount Hood Railroad 88. With that picture complete, we ended our wonderful trip on the Mount Hood Railroad and drove across the Columbia River on the Hood River toll bridge into Washington. We drove east through Bingen to a spot along the Columbia River to set up for a possible picture.

As we were waiting, an Aquaculture Transport barge headed west along Columbia River. A pair of UP freights kept Chris and I entertained

Finally an eastbound BNSF freight came by en route to Pasco. A green signal was displayed for the picture we really wanted, but we ran out of time. We drove back to the Portland International Airport where we dropped Chris off as he had an earlier flight. We then returned the rental car and learned that we had driven 612 miles.

Alaska Airlines Flight 500 6/11/2006

When I went to get my boarding pass at the counter, they had no seat assignment for me. I produced the e-mail they had sent me when they rescheduled my flight back in April showing I had seat 9A. The agent gave me seat 11A and I was happy. She apologized for the mistake and said I was now set. I had never had a bad flight with problems ever before and thought I was OK now. The three of us had dinner at Stanfords before we went through security together. Chris' flight boarded at 6:30 PM for Los Angeles and we said our goodbyes to him just before he boarded his flight.

Jim and I waited for our flight to Orange County. Just before I was to board, they called "Mr. Guenzler, see us at the counter". My seat had been changed from a window to a middle seat. I was very upset after being told just over an hour ago that I was all taken care of. First, a schedule change then being rebooked on a different flight to get here, followed by an e-mail confirmation showing I had the same seats really shows just how badly airlines are run. If I have a Business Class seat on a train, there has always been a seat for me. The airlines' practice of overselling flights is so stupid to me!

The gate agent, seeing that I was very upset, walked me to the front of the line of people boarding the plane. As I was putting my bag in the overhead luggage compartment, the flight attendant shut the door on my hand. I could not believe this flight. I sat down in seat 8B wondering what would happen next on this flight. The plane took off at 8:10 PM and I read most of Trains Magazine. We touched down at 10:23 PM and taxied to Gate 10 where we sat for the next 15 minutes until they could get a gangway to the plane. That made this the all-time worst flight that I have ever had. I would be contacting Alaska Airlines about this flight. I was glad to be off the plane as we headed out front to wait for Jim's wife, Julie, to pick us up and then drive me home. Thus ends an excellent trip on the ground with plenty of new things that I truly enjoyed.