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NRHS Mesabi Iron Range Bus Trip Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We pulled into the Minnesota Discovery Center at Chisholm and our group would get to ride the trolley first. They took us to the trolley stop and we would have to wait for the trolley to arrive. I set up for the picture of the trolley arriving.

Across the highway the Iron Man Monument.

Trolley 606 came from out on the route into the station area.

Our group boarded the trolley for our 2.5 mile trip.

Where we would be heading out.

We left the boarding area.

An Armstrong Turntable.

Our train drops down the grade.

The Armstrong Turntable again.

A small yard.

A station they sometime used in the past.

The former Pillsbury mine pit.

Our route takes a curve.

Another view of the Pillsbury mine pit.

The straightest piece of railroad on this trolley line.

We passed the shops of the trolley.

Scenes of mine equipment.

The Glen Station.

The Pillsbury mine pit.

Mine buildings.

Old mining building foundations.

The Minnesota Discover Center across the Pillsbury mine pit.

The old water tower foundations.

The trolley returns towards the switch for the loop.

We have reached the switch that completes the loop.

The Pillsbury mine pit.

The side of the Pillsbury mine pit.

Our route returns to Chisholm.

To views of the Iron Man Monument before we returned to where we started.

Our trolley back at the boarding area. Our group now went and had a buffet lunch. After lunch I watched both of the Train Movies the first one about the building of the Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railroad and the other about the building of Duluth & Iron Range Railway.

After the movies the view of the Pillsbury mine pit.

The buses that brought us here. After looking at the displays I returned to the bus for some more rest. Once we were all back on the bus, we returned to Duluth.

I went over to the railroad museum to look for a book and took one picture. I went back to the Best Western for a few minutes then went back to the Radisson and waited for 45 minutes for Joe Harper to go out and chase the Diner-Dinner Train "The Viking". Joe never showed up so at 5:30 PM I headed over to the station and got up on the bridge to see the Soo Line H23 4-6-2 2719.

My first ever picture of the Soo Line 4-6-2 2719. I walked over to the parking structure for my next picture.

Soo Line 4-6-2 2719.

Soo Line 2719 backs "The Viking" out of Duluth Union Station.

The Soo Line 2719 leads "the Viking" to Two Harbors tonight. I returned to the Best Western and worked on stories the rest of the evening.