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The Lookout Mountain Incline Railroad 8/20/2007

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker and I left the Holiday Inn Chattanooga Choo Choo and headed to Walmart before we made our way to the first of three attractions on Lookout Mountain that we would do this afternoon. This railway is known as America's Most Amazing Mile and will take you up a 72.7% breathtaking grade near the top. I could not wait to ride this unique railway.

The Incline Car came down into the station and was unloaded. Some quick maintenance was done before boarding for the next trip up Lookout Mountain would take place.

I was first to board and took the last seat in the car so I could take pictures of the trip up the Lookout Mountain Incline.

With everyone aboard, we left the Lower Station.

The Incline is fenced to keep the public off of the tracks and cables.

The Incline crossed the first trestle over the city streets which pass underneath.

The grade then really starts up the mountain.

The Cars climb a steep part before it slackens off only to continue the steep climb.

The car crossed another trestle over the next road.

Our car was approaching another trestle.

The car went over the next trestle.

Our car was climbing the grade. I saw the downhill car approaching.

Our car was being passed by the downhill car.

The car came to the switch at the uphill end of the passing track.

There is a road bridge over our route that gets closer as we climb higher.

We went under the road bridge as we went up the incline.

The car went by the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway Sign.

The car was passing a former Station building no longer is use.

Now we reached the 77% grade up Lookout Mountain.

The cables rise above the structure.

Look at the grade ahead.


The Summit Station came into view.

We were almost there!

The Incline Car has reached the Summit Station on Lookout Mountain. We detrained and went up to the viewing platform to have a look down.

Railfanning from Lookout Mountain. Now the view from Lookout Mountain which was impressive.

What a view!

The Incline Car climbed the grade to the Summit Station.

I could look down to the Holiday Inn Chattanooga Choo Choo.

I could also see towards Norfolk Southern's DeButt Yard in Chattanooga.

I saw the pulley used to bring the cars up and down the Lookout Mountain Incline. We reboarded the car for the trip down the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway.

I sat at the downhill end of the car and so I could take pictures as we head down Lookout Mountain.

We got a great look down before we started.

The car heading down through the cuts.

What a view as we head down.

The car was dropping down through the trees.

Our car then went by an uphill car.

We came to the lower switch of the passing track.

More of our downhill trip.

The parking lot first came into view.

Next we came to the station area.

The Lower Station.

The car reached the lower end of the tracks.

Incline Car was now at rest.

The Incline Car loading its next load of passengers.

The Car then heads up the Lookout Mountain Incline with another load of passengers. Chris Parker and I next drove to Rock City but that is another story. On the drive from Rock City to Ruby Falls we crossed over the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway tracks and I heard cables moving. I had Chris pull over and we waited for some more pictures to be taken.

First the downhill car came by our location.

Next the two cars passed and each operator swapped cars to return to their boarding locations.

The final pictures of the uphill car passing our location. It was great fun to ride the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway and is something everyone must do when you visit Chattanooga, Tennessee.