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Photos from my first visit to the Izaak Walton Inn.

by Chris Guenzler

Here are pictures from my first visit to the incredible Izaak Walton Inn.

The eastbound Amtrak was the first train I took a picture of in Essex.

BN SD-40-2 6904 is one of the helper units assigned to Essex during my visit.

Rotary Snow Plow BN 9722555.

Rotary Power Unit 972757.

BN 8056 West just east of the Essex Snowshed.

BN 8027 West near the switch at West Java.

BN 5499 B-32-8 one of two the BN had.

BN 3105 West at west Java.

The rear end of BN 3015 West at West Java.

BN 8110 East at West Java.

The view of the helpers from my room 27 during a thunderstorm.

BN GP-30 2216.

Snowshed 12.

BN 2214 West.

BN GP-9B 604.

BN 6810 East.

BN 6810 East entering Shed 12.

The westbound Amtrak Empire Builder #7 exited Shed 12 as the sun has set behind the mountains.

BN 2270 East passed the Essex Station.

BN 2261 on the ballast train.

The next morning from my room the BN 3135 West.

BN 3112 West.

BN GP-50 3112.

BN 2216 on the ballast train.

BN 7079 West rolled into Essex.

The ballast train in front of the Essex Station.

The Java High Bridge.

BN 3142 East crossed the Java High Bridge.

The Classic Summit view at Marias Pass.

BN 3142 East coming into Summit.

BN GP-50 3142.

BN Fuel Tender 27.

BN 3142 East at Bison.

BN 3142 East crossing a bridge at East Glacier.

Two Medicine Bridge.

BN 7922 West passing the East Glacier Station.

BN 7922 West passing through East Java.

BN 7922 West passing the Essex Station.

The Empire Builder arrived at the flag stop platform to pick me up for my trip to Vancouver, Washington.

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