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The Kelso Flyer

by Chris Guenzler

The Kelso Flyer was a chartered Amtrak Train that would ran to Barstow, California on Saturday October 16, 2010 then onto Kelso before returning to Los Angeles on Sunday. I decided not to ride it but to at least get some pictures of it. So I woke up on October 16, 2010 to a wet morning. After I did my morning duties I drove out to Wier Canyon Road off the CA 91 Freeway then took that across the Santa Ana River and made a right onto La Palma Avenue. I made a left on Via Loma De Yorba West and went under the tracks. I went right up Copper Canyon Road before I turned around and parked back down on Via Loma. I then walked up the horse trail to my vantage point.

BNSF 7565 East on a piggyback train. I called Chris Parker to make sure they left LAUPT on time this morning.

BNSF 7696 West on a stack train. Chris called me back saying the train was still in the yard with mechanical problems and would call back after they left LAUPT. I called Lets Talk Trains Internet Radio show.

Metrolink 859 is heading to Oceanside this Saturday. Chris called back saying they were passing Hobart Yard. They were over an hour late.

BNSF 7425 East on a combination stack and piggyback train.

BNSF 5231 West on a stack train. I talked to Chris Parker and learned they had been by Fullerton and on their way here.

BNSF 7555 West went around Horseshoe Bend but came to a stop at CP Esperanza. Next I saw a headlight and here came the Kelso Flyer.

The Kelso Flyer rounded Horseshoe Bend. This special train had Amtrak B32-8WH's 510 and 509 for its motive power.

Amfleet Coach 82630.

Overland Trail Lounge 800633.

Pacific Sands Sleeper 800355.

Silver Splendor Dome Coach 800604.

Amfleet Coach 82570.

Tioga Pass Platform Observation 800693. After that last picture I headed home to listen to the rest of Lets Talk Trains then watched USC beat California. Tomorrow Bill Compton and I would head to Afton Canyon for my next encounter with the Kelso Flyer.

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