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Little Rock Express Kansas city to Jefferson City Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The train left Malta Bend and headed to Blackwater.

Views on the way to Blackwater. I went back to the Challenger and rode in the Dome where I talked with a few of the contest winners before they left me at Blackwater. I rode the Dome all the way to Boonville.

Views from the Dome.

The unique Missouri Countryside.

The UP 844 took a pair of curves.

Blackwater, Missouri.

Leaving Blackwater.

The Blackwater Missouri Pacific Station.

More views east of Blackwater on the way to Boonville.

Another curve, another view of the UP 844.

More Missouri farmlands. The train ran by the Lamine Siding.

Here is where the Lamine River flows into the Missouri River as we close in on Boonville.

The Missouri River.

Approaching the former MKT Bridge in Boonville.

The MKT Bridge in Boonville.

The UP 844 pulled into Boonville.

The crowd and railfans in Boonville. After our stop in Boonville the train headed to Jefferson City, our final stop of this trip.

The Missouri River.

A pond along our route.

A dry field after we had gone under Interstate 70.

Interesting placement of piles of dirt.

Exposed bedrock across the Missouri River. The train ran by Woolbridge Siding.

Missouri River views.

After MP 150 the UP 844 stopped for a quick firemen side inspection. A few minutes later we were back on the move. The train next ran by the Sandy Hook Siding.

Another stream heading to the Missouri River.

Two bends in the Missouri River.

Three more views of the Missouri River.

Lines of trees.

A barn along our route.

Another lone tree.

The train joined the Sediala Sub at River Jct, where my new rail mileage ended, for the rest of the trip into Jefferson City.

A dredge in the Missouri River.

The US Highway 63 Bridge at Jefferson City before we pulled into the Jefferson City Amtrak Station.

Passing the area where the engine will be displayed for the rest of today and tomorrow.

The Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City.

Passing our last control point of the trip.

The UP 844 took us to the Jefferson City Amtrak Station where we would detrain. A special thanks to the Union Pacific Railroad for having me on the Little Rock Express from Kansas City to Jefferson City so I could write about this very special train trip.

Jefferson City

I shot the rear of the train as I detrained. I thanked the train crew and members of the Union Pacific Steam Crew for the excellent trip.

The view towards the front of the train. I stashed my bags so I could look around. I had to do this as the state capitol of Missouri doesn't have an Amtrak Agent. I guess no one rides Amtrak trains here in Jefferson City.

They backed the train down to in front of the Amtrak Station to water it and service the engine.

The crew starts to work on the engine. I restashed my bags then walked down the track to the old Missouri Pacific Station in Jefferson City.

The Missouri Pacific Station in Jefferson City.

UP power handles the local switching here.

Still working on the engine. I went inside the Amtrak Waiting Room, plugged in under the water fountain and worked on the story. After that I went off to look for something to eat. After going to six different places that are not open in the afternoon, I found Coffee Zone where not only I got a cinnamon roll which was fantastic they also had free wireless internet. So I uploaded the story to this point. I walked back down the steep hill back to the Amtrak station when I was done. There I met some Railfans and we spent some time talking trains.

A westbound UP Coal Train came into Jefferson City and changed crews.

The UP 8571 then came into Jefferson City and spent over an hour changing crews. It moved 15 minutes after Amtrak was due into Jefferson City at 6:22 PM. The coal train pulled down to clear the crossover so the UP 8751 could crossover to let Amtrak 313 get by it.

Missouri River Runner 313 5/31/2010

I boarded the train finally 25 minutes late and would get to see how fast and if they could make any of it up by Kansas City. I had a Hot Dog and Pretzels for dinner as the train sped. I put on my CD of Metallica "Death Magnetic" to pass the miles away. I'm in my going home mood. Just get me back to Kansas City, Nathan meets me and takes me to the Best Western Airport Inn. I spend the night, get up early and taken to the airport and fly home via Salt Lake City. So I just going to sit back and relax. After our stop in Sedalia the train played chase the sun into the sunset. I believe we are making up the lost time. The train stopped in Warrensburg and Lee Summit. Just before Independence I called Nathan so he could come to Kansas City Union Station to pick me up. The train arrived at 9:52 PM. I went out in front of the station and met Nathan there. He drove me out to the Best Western Airport Inn and Suites. I thanked Nathan for all he did for me on this trip. I checked the Internet and called it a night.

6/1/2011 I was up at 4:15 AM and after checking the Internet I checked out after getting a little to eat and was driven to the Kansas City Airport. I went through Security and then waited at the gate to board my plane. I boarded Delta Airline Flight 3084 to Salt Lake City. The flight hit clouds the whole way from Western Kansas to west of the Utah State Line. The Wasatch Mountains were very beautiful this morning as the descended for a landing in Salt Lake City. My next trip aboard Delta Airline Flight 883 to John Wayne Airport boarded at the next gate, thank you. More clouds between Central Utah and below Las Vegas. That plane landed right on time and my mother picked me and took me home where I finished the story.