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NRHS Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad "Skally Limited" 8/13/2009

This railroad is one that I had wanted to ride for years but was never running on any of my visits to the Twin Ports. I hustled off of "The Vacationeer" at Duluth Union Station to a waiting bus that took us to West Duluth for our ride on this railroad.

The train waits to start the trip.

The power for our train is the 45 Toner 46 from the Flambeau Paper Company.

Lake Superior & Mississippi Coach 85.

Lake Superior & Mississippi Coach 29.

Lake Superior & Mississippi Open Car 1000 known as the "Safari Car" is the car I chose to ride in. There I made some new friends.

After the two other buses had arrived and all the passengers boarded, our train left West Duluth.

The view looking back at West Duluth.

Several photographers I knew were out chasing our train.

Our train took this curve.

The train headed out into the forest.

The passengers enjoying the fresh air and clear views that the "Safari Car" can give you on a trip on this railroad.

Spirit Lake is first seen.

A pond on the west side of the tracks.

Our train took the curves on the line.

Another small lake before we reached Smithville.

If you like Jolly Rancher Candy this plant helps make them.

Lake Spirit.

Our route then swings off of the BNSF railroad owned track onto the rest of the route owned by the City of Duluth.

Track equipment in gondola cars.

Spirit Lake.

Looking back.

Spirit Lake Park.

Spirit Lake Boat Ramp.

Our train has reached the shores of the St. Louis River.

Looking back.

Our passengers are taking plenty of pictures from the "Safari Car".

Things in the St Louis River.

Beautiful views abound on this unique train ride.

Our train crossed this low trestle.

Another west pond we passed.

The St. Louis River.

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