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Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad Trip 6/20/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I parked in the M&H Parking Lot and started to look around.

Two views of SEPTA PCC 2095.

SEPTA 477.

M&H 2.

Conrail Caboose 21165.

A caboose.

M&H Coach 302.

M&H Lillie M. Kifinfelter.

M&H 2.

The train from yesterday. Some switching of cars will be made before our train at noon.

M&H 1.

Philly Suburban/Brill 86 built in 1932.

Another trolley under cover.

A general view.

Another trolley under cover.

SEPTA 2104.

Central Railroad of New Jersey Caboose 91537.

Western Maryland S-6 151.

M&H S-6 1016.

M&H 1.

A caboose.

M&H Coach 366.

M&H Coach 352.

Reading Tank Car 90980.

C&O Hopper 106362.

Switching moves.

View of the M&H Yard. I decided to walk over to the Amtrak Station which I walked down the street to the south of the railroad.

An electric center cab switcher can be seen through the trees. From here I walked to the Amtrak Station.

Two views from the Middletown Amtrak platform.

Two views of the M&H Station in Middletown.

More trolleys.

A wooden box car.

Another SEPTA PCC. I was invited to see the inside of their engine house.

Views of M&H 2-6-0 91.

They have 3 trolleys in the engine house.

They use this generator to power their trolley.

One more view of the M&H yard before I went and picked up my ticket and waited to board the train. The train had the M&H Engine 2, Coach 352 and 366.

A Brief History

The original Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad Company was formed in 1888 by local business men. Construction of the railroad between the namesake Borough was completed in 1890. From that point until 1976 it was part of the Reading Railroad. From 1976 onward the Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad has been an independent railroad company. Freight service started in 1976 and passenger service began in 1986.

Our Trip

After the safety rules, they introduced me to the passengers and told them I was writing a story for The train left at noon and we left Middletown.

Crossing the first road east of the yard.

The train ran by the park as we left Middletown.

Univar is one of the railroad's main shippers.

The other entrance into Univar.

Our train crossed Main Street.

Our route would pass through the forest along the Swatara Creek.

Swatara Creek.

Another view of Swatara Creek.

A home along our route.

A farm along our route.

Three views along Swatara Creek.

This was the first lock of the Union Canal that linked Middletown and Reading.

View to the west of the train.

The south views off the Swatara Creek Bridge.

The north view off the Swatara Creek Bridge.

The Swatara Creek Bridge.

Rear views as the train climbed the grade to our turn around point.

The train has arrived at the Indian Echo Cave platform. The train sat for a few minutes and then backed all the way to Middletown. I relaxed and talked with one of the engineers on the railroad on the return trip. Once we were back in Middletown I thanked the crew for an excellent trip on their railroad. I headed back on PA 283 to Interstate 81 which was bumper to bumper which lasted for 13 miles. It finally opened up and soon I was on Interstate 78 which I took to Hamburg to my next stop.