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Mid-Continent Railway Museum 8/8/2009

plus the Brodhead Historical Society Depot Museum

by Chris Guenzler

I woke up and looked out of my third floor window at the Baymont Inn in Janesville, Wisconsin at a very stormy Saturday morning. After breakfast and checking out, I gassed up the rental car for another day of driving. I had one stop to make in Janesville and the rain wasn't about to stop me.

I pulled up the Wisconsin Southern Railroad engine facility in Janesville during a downpour and the electric windows in the car worked just fine giving me this picture. I drove west on Wisconsin Highway 11 through some heavy showers to my next stop at Brodhead where the rain let up for a few minutes.

The Brodhead Historical Society Depot Museum

At the ex Milwaukee road station there is a railroad display outside.

The equipment sits on the south side of the station.

The Brodhead Station.

Milwaukee Road H10-44 781.

Milwaukee Road Caboose 01900.

One last view of this unique railroad display in Brodhead. I returned the way I came to Orfordville and turned north on Wisconsin Highway 213. It was on this road where the sky turned the blackest I had ever seen in my life and it was almost like I was driving in the middle of the night. I checked the sky for funnel clouds but didn't see any before I entered a wall of heavy rain that the wipers even on high couldn't get rid of the water. At Evansville the Main Street was a river but I did get across. By the time I reached US Highway 14 I came out of it. I took this road north to Madison before I reached US Highway 12 which I took to Baraboo under improving skies. There I turned onto Wisconsin Highway 136 to Highway PF which took me into North Freedom and I followed the signs to the Museum.

The Mid-Continent Railway Museum.

The museum is a historical point in Wisconsin. I went into the station and picked up my ticket for the train trip at 11:00 AM.

Views of the museum's ground.

Soo Line 4-6-0 2645.

Duluth South Shore & Atlantic Wooden Box Car 18052.

Soo Line Stock Car 29667.

Soo Line Caboose 99085.

Oregon Short Line Rotary Snow Plow 762.

Dardanelle & Russellville 2-6-0 9.

Goodman Lumber Company Shay 9.

Soo Line Coach 2017.

The Museum's Passenger Train today will consist of Delaware Lackawanna & Western Combine 425, Delaware Lackawanna & Western Coach 557 and Duluth & Iron Range Caboose C-74.

Western Pacific B23 Burro Crane.

Delaware Lackawanna & Western Coach 595.

Woodword Iron 2-10-0 41.

D&IR Flat Car 5537.

UTLX Tank Car 17550.

MCRM Flat Car 97496.

Minneapolis & St Louis Box Car 4570.

Kewaunee Green Bay & Western 2-8-0 49.

Steam engines always look impressive when on display or better when they run.

Copper Range 2-8-0 29.

Soo Line Ore Car 80944.

UTLX Tank Car 12283.

A covered Steam Engine Tender.

Milwaukee Road RSC-2 988.

Mid-Continent Railway Diesel 4.

Chicago Northwestern 440.

Delaware Lackawanna & Western 563.

Mid-Continent Railway 1256 the engine that will be used on today's excursion train.

Lake Superior & Ishpeming 2-8-0 22 that is under restoration.

Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Caboose 17772.

Two unmarked cabooses.

Rock Island Combine 1094.

Chicago St. Paul Minneapolis & Omaha Caboose 6110.

Soo Line Caboose 203.

South Shore Line Caboose 576.

Soo Line Caboose 99115.

Duluth South Shore & Atlantic Caboose 568.

Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific X918050 {B&B bunk car}.

Northern Pacific Caboose 1781.

Minnesota Transfer Caboose X12.

Chicago Northwestern 12476.

Milwaukee Road Caboose 01601.

Wisconsin & Calumet Caboose 529.

Milwaukee Road Caboose 01855.

Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer Jordon Spreader 55.

Soo Line Crane Wrecker X3.

Missouri Pacific Wrecker 105.

More track equipment.

Wooden Caboose 14565.

More equipment down the tracks out of bounds.

Looking back towards the Car Shops.

Looking back at all those cabooses.

Covered wooden passenger car.

Another passenger car.

Lake Superior & Ishpeming Box Car 2026.

Line of covered equipment.

Wisconsin Sand & Gravel Diesel 2.

North Western Railroad Reefer 19781.

A unique piece of equipment.

Another piece of equipment.

Chicago Northwestern 4-6-0 1385.

Partially covered Baggage Car.

Two more pieces of unmarked equipment.

Akron Canton & Youngstown Box Car 3048.

A NMW Reefer.

Akron Canton & Youngstown Box Car 3011.

MCAX Wooden Box Car. It was now time for me to walk over and board the 11:00 AM Excursion Train the museum runs.

Click here for the Train Ride