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Winterail 2010

by Chris Guenzler

This year's trip to Stockton for Winterail would be done the same way until Sunday morning. Friday would be the drive to Stockton and that night at the Railfan & Railroading Pizza Party I would be showing my "A Trip to the Depot Inn & Suites". Saturday would be Winterail and the swap meet. As usual I would get to see a lot of my friends I only see once a year here. Sunday we would be doing something new by going to Niles Canyon for a Pacific Locomotive Society Steam Photography Special. This should be really fun. After that we would be heading home.

To Stockton 3/12/2010

I got up really early and then headed down to the Santa Ana Train Station to catch Metrolink 681 at 4:32 AM.

Looking down towards the pedestrian bridge.

Looking north towards CP Lincoln.

The bell tower where on the first Monday night of the month except National Holidays up on the 5th Floor we have our Orange County Railway Historical Society Meetings and guests are always welcome.

The train came into Santa Ana and I boarded for the trip to Los Angeles Union Passenger Station. It is a quiet and quick trip to Los Angeles and what seems like no time I was there. I walked up to the loading zone at the east end of LAUPT and waited for Chris Parker and Dave Abbott. From there we were off to the San Joaquin Valley. We stopped for gas at San Fernando and later just before Shafter to get some food. Once we reached the tracks we spotted an eastbound freight stopped and a northbound freight coming. We let the northbound go for now knowing we would see him later and set up for the eastbound.

BNSF 7955 East. From here we headed north along the BNSF valley mainline.

BNSF 1595 West stopped at Stoil.

The rear view of the consist.

BNSF 6760. Note the GE stickers on this EMD Engine.

BNSF GP-60 162. We headed north up to CA Highway 99 and passed through Fresno.

Just before Madera we saw the UP 7662 East. Coming into Madera we saw the remains of a Union Pacific derailment,

Scrapping this covered hopper car on the spot.

Two other pictures of the remains of the derailment. We returned to Highway 99 and headed to Road 20.5.

Of course we were one minute late of getting the good picture of UP 7415 East. We cut over to the BNSF mainline and headed north on Santa Fe Road.

The former Le Grand Santa Fe Station.

Two views of BNSF 7299. Our next stop was at the Agricultural Museum of Merced County.

Agricultural Museum of Merced County 3/12/2010

The place was closed and after I took this steam tractor picture, I walked down a private road to see what else might be here. Then a pickup truck pulled up and Chris went to see who it was. It was Charlie the owner of the museum who agreed to open the museum for us and give us a tour.

There is this mine car outside the main entrance of the museum. We all went inside and started our tour.

Plenty of things to see.

I like this car.

Two kinds of trucks.

An interesting vehicle.

A nice roadster.

A unique business wagon.

A work in progress.

Many types of transportation can be seen in this museum.

I thought this was a very unique exhibit.

Motorcycle in Building One. Now we will walk out to Building 2.

A track speeder.

Interesting machines.

There are plenty of things to see at this unique museum.

Various buggies.

A unique tractor.

I like all the old cars.

Power Horse Tractor with ropes for steering. From here we walked to the Blacksmith Shop.

The Blacksmith Shop at the museum. From here we went to Building 3.

A classic car.

A work in progress.

Trans AM.

A Gas Pump.

Charlie giving us the tour.

A view inside of Building 3.

This room can be used for meetings.

I wished Coca-Cola still cost 10 cents. We thanked Charlie for opening up the museum for us before we made our way to the north side of Merced for lunch at KFC.

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