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NRHS 2006 Convention: A Trip at the Minerva Steam Railroad Museum 7/19/2006

by Chris Guenzler

We left Canton driving east on US 30, the Lincoln Highway, to Minerva. The buses pulled into the parking lot and we all disembarked. The Steam Railroad Museum was formed in 1985 with a goal of preserving this nation's railroad history. In the last 12 years, this museum has acquired several pieces of railroad equipment with its members actively engaged in the various stages of their restoration. Almost everyone headed inside the museum, but I stayed outside to start taking pictures of their equipment.

The excursion train that we will be using.

The rear of our excursion train.

Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose 478033.

Over across a field was another set of equipment.

Here they have MARC E8 61. This unit started out as Pennsylvania Railroad {PRR} 5793A, then PC 4253, then NJT 42531 and then Maryland Rail Commuter Service 61, before being acquired by a private party and stored in Minerva.

Also here is ex. MARC E8 62 which started life as PRR 5905, then PC 4305, then NJT 43051 before becoming MARC 62 and finally being sold to a private party and stored in Minerva.

Ex Ontario Northland AAEX 10.

Ex Ontario Northland AAEX 09.

Down the tracks I found a railroad crossing.

Wheeling & Lake Erie 0-6-0 1960.

S-2 1789.

Inside the shop view of the 18. Neither of the switchers are capable of being operated at this time.

I heard a horn and went outside where Ohio Central GP10 7547 came around a curve bringing two more cabooses for our excursion train this late afternoon.

The Ohio Central 7547 dropped off the cabooses and then backed down to our train set.

The two cabooses waited to be picked up.

The Ohio Central 7547 then pulled forward before reversing, coupling onto the cabooses.

The Ohio Central 7547 has spotted the train set.

The Trip 7/19/2006

The passengers then boarded our special train. I went into the first coach that had open steps and took a seat in the Village of Minerva coach. This train's consist was Ohio Central GP10 7547 ex. New York Central 5922, Minerva Scenic Baggage 1373, Village of Minerva coach 1182, and cabooses Pennsylvania Railroad 788033, Minerva {red} 0222 and C&O 90221.

Once the train got moving, the air partially cooled us off in our non-air conditioned coach.

Our trip, which would be three miles, started by us passing the Minerva Graveyard.

The train went by the former Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad station with a New York Central Caboose.

Our train crossed Sandy Creek.

The bridge across Sandy Creek.

Our train passed a row of trees blocking the residential view of the tracks.

Our train ran through the outskirts of Minerva.

Another view blocking row of trees.

The edge of Minerva and finally out into the countryside.

The first field we passed was a corn field.

Then our train stopped for the Photo Runbys.

Photo Runby 1 was across a field on the shady side of the train.

Backing up for Photo Runby 2.

Photo Runby 2 was on the sunny side but was tight.

After we crossed the highway we passed a farm house across the valley.

The train reached our turnaround point and stopped for a moment before we reversed the whole way back to Minerva.

I relaxed in my coach seat.

Main Street Minerva.

Back in Minerva, we ran by the New York Central Caboose 20480 at the Wheeling & Lake Erie station.

We pulled back into the museum and I detrained for this pictures of the Ohio Central 7547 and the train.

Our train's passengers unloaded and we all headed to the buses. After the buses were loaded, we headed west on Ohio Highway 42/183 to beyond Magnolia where we turned south on Ohio 800 to Dover. From Dover, local roads took us back to the Holiday Inn. Here I left Chris Parker on the bus as he was headed to an Amish dinner in Sugar Creek. I went back to the Knights Inn to relax before going to Hog Heaven for another excellent steak dinner. Later Chris returned and we called it a night after a great day for us at both the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad and the Minerva Steam Railroad Museum. Tomorrow, our next convention trip will be a steam trip to Newark on the Ohio Central mainline west from Dennison.